You can now record footage from Ecobee’s camera to Apple servers, but you may want to keep their app


You can now record footage from Ecobee’s cam to Apple servers, but you may wish to keep their app

Ecobee’s SmartCamera has gotten a firmware upgrade that may interest Apple users who are feeling a little burnt-out on subscriptions. The camera, which functioned as an Alexa speaker when it released this April, usually has the standard wise video camera features: you can stream video from it to your phone totally free, and with a $5-a-month membership you can have it tape video and inform you of any movement (or simply human motion, if you choose). However today’s upgrade adds Apple HomeKit Secure Video support, and it might provide you another, cheaper method to tape-record and store that footage.

If you’re a little not familiar with the service, you’re most likely not alone. HomeKit Secure Video was launched at WWDC in June of 2019, but so far only a handful of electronic cameras support it. Like Ecobee’s service, it lets you stream video to your iOS devices for free, provided you have an Apple TELEVISION, HomePod, or stay-at-home iPad that can serve as a HomeKit hub.

If you wish to record video, you’ll need to pay for Apple’s 200 GB iCloud subscription, which costs $2.99 a month. However that’s cheaper than Ecobee’s service, and likewise consists of extra space for your iCloud backups, Apple Image Library, etc. You won’t need to fret about all that taped video eating up your iCloud storage. As a HomeKit Secure Video user myself, I can inform you that Apple doesn’t count the video towards your storage limitation (though the service just keeps recorded clips for 10 days, instead of Ecobee’s 14 days).

If you currently have a gadget that can serve as a center, $2.99 a month versus $5 a month may seem like an excellent deal, and if you already spend for extra iCloud storage the service is included in your expense. It’s a little bit of a harder sell if you likewise have to purchase an Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad, however. If you wish to record more than one camera, you’ll also see less savings: Apple requires the $9.99- a-month 2TB iCloud storage plan to tape-record as much as 5 cams (Ecobee or otherwise), which is the very same cost you’ll pay for unrestricted recording on numerous Ecobee video cameras.

Before deciding to change to HomeKit and ditch the Ecobee app, you must know that Ecobee informs The Edge that Apple’s Home app does not support the video camera’s capability to pan and tilt (other HomeKit video cameras have the very same constraint, too). You might wish to keep the Ecobee app around for that, or purchase a cheaper HomeKit video camera to start with I personally utilize Homekit Secure Video to handle my Logitech Circle 2, and it works well for its primary purpose: not needing to pay an additional monthly cost to see what horrible catastrophe my cat has actually triggered throughout the night.

A night-vision image of a cat sitting on a piece of furniture with its eyes glowing and mouth open

Lovely. Thank you, HomeKit Secure Video.


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