Yesterday was a disgrace, but we’re a day closer to a new and better chapter of American history


    The other day was a disgrace, however we’re a day better to a brand-new and better chapter of American history

    • The riot at Capitol Hill influenced by President Trump was disgraceful, however we’re another day more detailed to a new chapter of American history.
    • I remain positive that it will be a better one.
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    Like countless Americans and individuals around the globe, I was horrified– but regrettably not completely amazed– by the disgrace of Trump’s mob storming the US Capitol building.

    I was also dismayed by the difference in between the authorities existence and response to this attack and the Black Lives Matter presentations last summertime. (I don’t necessarily blame the officers on the scene, who seemed overwhelmed, however there are still numerous unanswered concerns about why they were so unprepared and why assistance took so long to get here.)

    Today, I am eliminated that order has actually been restored and the accreditation of our next president completed. And I hope and expect that the anti-American punks who overran the Capitol will be prosecuted.

    Those who excuse or look for to explain the Trump mob’s actions frequently discuss his supporters’ “genuine frustrations” with the election result. This is no reason. Practically half of Americans are disappointed after every election. In 2016, tens of millions of Americans who chose Hillary Clinton were beyond disappointed that she lost. However they didn’t storm the Capitol in an attempt to topple the election and our democracy. And Clinton didn’t prompt their anger with lies and then pull away to the safety of her house to view their thuggery on TV.

    Many Americans who are frustrated that Trump lost, additionally, are annoyed because they have actually been lied to again and again by the individuals they rely on– most especially Trump, some members of Congress, and some members the media. They’ve been lied to about the election outcome, our democratic process, and the motives of the people who disagree with them. As Republican Politician Sen. Mitt Romney fearlessly said last night, the method to respect individuals you lead is not to inform them lies they desire to hear. It’s to be sincere with them.

    We have lived through a lot of stressful history together in the past couple of years. It has not been simple, and it is not likely to end up being easy. But regardless of yesterday’s ugliness, we are another day closer to the next chapter. And in spite of the numerous obstacles we deal with as a nation, I stay positive that it will be a better and less-divisive one.

    One of the many lessons of the Trump age is that truth matters. Truths matter. Science matters. Regard and decency matter. Justice matters. Progress and innovation matter. And firm resolve and persistence in the face of difficulty matter.

    Numerous countless Americans– many of whom disagree about numerous government policy methods– deeply support these worths. And we will continue to do so, no matter what brand-new challenges we deal with in the coming days.

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