Wisconsin pharmacist who health care center said ‘intentionally’ removed 57 coronavirus vaccine vials was a conspiracy theorist, according to new court documents


    Wisconsin pharmacist who health care center said ‘intentionally’ gotten rid of 57 coronavirus vaccine vials was a conspiracy theorist, according to brand-new court files

    • Prosecutors recognized the Supporter Aurora Healthcare pharmacist who is implicated of purposely removing Moderna vaccines as Steven Brandenburg, 46, in a hearing on Monday.
    • According to court files, Brandenburg confessed to following conspiracy theories about the vaccine, so he deliberately left doses out of refrigeration for extended periods of time.
    • ” He ‘d formed this belief they were unsafe,” Ozaukee County District Attorney Adam Gerol stated Brandenburg’s virtual hearing Monday, according to the AP.
    • There is no proof that the Moderna vaccine can modify DNA.

    New details has emerged about the Wisconsin pharmacist whose employer stated ruined numerous dosages of coronavirus vaccine.

    According to court files, the guy believed conspiracy theories about the vaccine and thought that the world was “crashing down.”

    The pharmacist, determined by district attorneys as Steven Brandenburg, 46, was jailed last week by the Grafton Authorities Department after an internal investigation by his employer Supporter Aurora Health concluded that he had “intentionally” removed the 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine from a clinic fridge. Charges are pending.

    Advocate Aurora Health at first claimed the pharmacist’s actions were “human mistake” but relocated to fire the employee and alert authorities, saying the act was deliberate.

    ” He ‘d formed this belief they were unsafe,” Ozaukee County District Lawyer Adam Gerol said Brandenburg’s virtual hearing Monday, according to the AP.

    Gerol added that Brandenburg was dissatisfied since he remained in the process of divorce proceedings. An Aurora worker added that Brandenburg had actually brought a gun to work on two celebrations.


    In a probable cause statement acquired by the AP, a detective wrote that Brandenburg was a confessed conspiracy theorist and included that the pharmacist told investigators he tried to destroy the vaccine due to the fact that he believed it could harm individuals and alter their DNA.

    The claims that the Moderna vaccine might change DNA are incorrect according to professionals and are part of a wave of COVID-19 misinformation distributing around the pandemic and vaccine.
    Recently at a news conference, Supporter Aurora Health Care Chief Medical Group Officer Jeff Bahr stated that during an internal examination, Brandenburg admitted to purposely eliminating the vials from refrigeration at the Grafton medical center overnight on Dec. 24, and once again on the night of Dec.25


    On each occasion, the vials remained beyond refrigeration for over 12 hours, and Bahr said those doses were “all but worthless.”

    Authorities last week said the discarded vaccines ranged in worth in between $8,000 and $11,000

    During the virtual hearing in Port Washington, Wisconsin, Gerol stated that the vials were maintained and Moderna will need to accredit that the doses are inadequate and whether they were destroyed, before he can submit charges versus Bradenburg.

    On Monday afternoon, Bradenburg published the $10,000 signature bond by Judge Paul Malloy. The bond was set on the conditions that he surrenders his guns, no longer operates in health care, and does not maintain any contact with Aurora employees.

    Brandenburg’s continuous divorce was also thrust into the hearing Monday. According to an affidavit filed by his wife on December 30, Brandenburg stopped by her home on December 6, dropping off a water purifier, 2 months’ worth of food, and told her that the world was “crashing down.” She included that he told her that the government was taking part in cyberattacks and would soon close down the power grid.

    She also wrote that Bradenburg stocked weapons and food in rental systems which she felt unsafe in his existence. The court likewise temporarily forbidden Brandenburg’s kids from remaining with him on Monday.

    Brandenburg’s next hearing is set for January19


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