Web Series on Veerappan Put on Hold by Karnataka Court After Wife Slams ‘False Stories’ Bringing Shame


    Web Series on Veerappan Postponed by Karnataka Court After Spouse Slams ‘False Stories’ Bringing Pity

    A Bengaluru city civil and sessions court has approved an ex-parte ad-interim order of momentary injunction restraining AMR Pictures from exhibiting, screening or launching Web Series named ‘Veerappan: Appetite for eliminating’ after his other half approached the court seeking an irreversible injunction.

    The plaintiff, V Muthulakshmi, in her affidavit stated that AMR Pictures headed by one AMR Ramesh intended on releasing the motion picture portraying the life of Veerappan as a bad guy based on ‘incorrect and made stories’ which might lead to offense of her privacy and violation on her private life.

    V Muthulalkshmi says that people have actually made cash in the past by making movies on Veerappan and will bring a sense of embarassment to the family.

    ” It has been 16 years considering that my other half was killed. Last time, I approached the Chennai city civil court and later on even the Supreme court had actually held that my right to privacy need to be respected, but last time because the film was already made, they only bought to offer me a compensation of Rs 25 lakhs. But again, they wish to make another movie and my family is repeatedly harassed by such representation of him”, she stated.

    The relocation appears to have bigger repercussions. With the assembly elections in Tamil Nadu fast approaching, the timing of Muthulakshmi’s plea raises eyebrows. Muthlakshmi’s daughter Vidhya Rani is the vice-president of state BJP’s youth wing and hopeful of getting ticket. However, Muthlakshmi denies the claims.

    ” I’m not doing this for elections or for money, the celebration high command will provide tickets to whoever they think is deserving. However if such a motion picture launches at such a time it will affect her potential customers. She desires to help individuals but they will only get to see this one side of the story” Muthulakshmi added.

    Praveen Gowda, who is a supporter for Muthulakshmi argued that the release of the film protested Post 21 which is the security of life and personal liberty and hence requires to be restrained.

    ” There needs to be an end of whatever. Due to the fact that Veerappan has actually done something we can’t keep showing that. We don’t have a problem if the film is based on information that are in public records, however he (AMR Ramesh) is promoting this motion picture mentioning that he is going to bring the ‘Reality of Veerappan’ by documenting stories of his followers and cops personnel, but that is just not true”, he stated.

    With the short-term injunction approved, AMR Pictures will not be able to release the series on Youtube, OTT platforms or even on social networks till the next hearing. The matter will be heard in the next hearing on February 6.


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