View: Wicket-Keeper Pulls Off Stunning Run Out With Rocket Toss


    Vitality Blast: Wicket-Keeper Pulls Off Stunning Run Out With Rocket Throw. Watch

    David Bedingham fired in a fast throw, after fumbling the ball. © Twitter

    Ackermann tried a quick single, after missing the ball with Bedingham fumbling. The wicketkeeper quickly recuperated composure shooting in a quick throw, with the ball going on to hit the stumps prior to the batsman might make the crease.

    Enjoy the video here:

    — Vigor Blast (@VitalityBlast) September 13, 2020

    Leicestershire handled to score 132, batting first, however Durham ferreted out the target comfortably to tape a six-wicket win, with over 4 overs to spare.

    The Vitality Blast is one of the couple of tournaments being presently held, in a world which has been severely struck by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Numerous significant events like the T20 World Cup have been postponed, due to COVID-19 leading to mayhem.

    Nevertheless, there have been attempts made to keep the game alive despite the pandemic, with tournaments like the 13 th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from September 19.


    IPL 2020 was earlier scheduled to be held in India, prior to being transferred to the UAE due to the rising coronavirus cases.

    Safeguarding champions Mumbai Indians (MI) will handle Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the opening match of the edition.

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