Video Reveals Minister, Gwalior Congress Employee Brawling, Defy Covid Rules


    Video Shows Minister, Gwalior Congress Worker Brawling, Defy Covid Rules

    Madhya Pradesh Pradyuman Singh Tomar was seen fighting with a Congress worker in Gwalior.


    If not for a handful of people wearing masks, it would be difficult to tell that the occurrence on video is occurring in the middle of a worldwide pandemic activated by a highly-contagious virus.

    Forget 6 feet of social distancing, one would be hard-pressed to find an inch of space in the frame as a Madhya Pradesh minister and his entourage are seen in a vigorous dust-up with a Congress worker in Gwalior’s Phool Bagh area.

    The event took place on Wednesday afternoon when Madhya Pradesh Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar pertained to satisfy representatives of a community.

    At that time, some Congress employees also pertained to the area to demonstration versus the removal of the celebration’s hoardings by the local civic body.

    The video shows Mr Tomar snatching the Congress flag from a party worker, after which the two can be seen pushing and pushing each other.

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    — Anurag Dwary (@Anurag_Dwary) September 16, 2020

    Congress workers later on raised mottos against the minister.

    The Congress workers were protesting versus the elimination of hoardings and banners put up to welcome state party chief Kamal Nath, who is scheduled to show up here on September 18.

    Senior law enforcement officers Satyendra Singh Tomar stated when the minister came to Phool Bagh to take a memorandum, a number of opposing Congress employees came near him.

    ” The security workers took these protesters away and took the minister securely ahead to allow him to accept the memorandum,” he stated, adding that no case was signed up in connection with the incident.

    The minister later on stated, “Congress employees developed condition in quote to reach the spot. But this will not discourage a public servant. Kamal Nath, during his 15- month long period as primary minister, did not offer even 15 minutes for Gwalior.”

    He implicated the previous Congress federal government of not approving funds for health centers here.

    ” Now, the Congress is spending crores on ads and hoardings,” the minister alleged.

    After the incident, former minister and Congress MLA Lakhan Yadav and Congress candidate from Gwalior Sunil Sharma staged a dharna at the website.

    ” The posters-banners of the Congress are being removed due to fear of BJP leaders and ministers, however the typical individuals are with us. How will the BJP take them away?” Mr Sharma asked.

    ( With inputs from PTI)


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