Vergecast: Two more iPhones, Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ event


Vergecast: Two more iPhones, Apple’s ‘Another Thing’ occasion

We started this week with some reviews of the alternatively-sized iPhone 12 s– the mini and the Pro Max We ended today with a brand new episode of The Vergecast All that things in between? That’s what our Vergecast team discussed on the show today.

Vergecast co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn start the program discussing their reviews of the new iPhones– Nilay on the Pro Max and Dieter on the mini– and how the truly huge iPhone and the smallest iPhone rank in battery life, screen size, and ergonomics.

Think it or not, there was another Apple event on Tuesday. Throughout its ” Another Thing” hardware event, we saw Apple debut its own M1 processor chips, which power a new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and Mac mini Deputy editor Dan Seifert and news editor Chaim Gartenberg sign up with the program to talk about these brand-new computer systems, their processors, and how possibly effective they are.

There’s a little bit more in between all of that– like people vaping into Xbox consoles, Google’s upgraded image storage plan, and the reason that a bunch of The Edge‘s Macs weren’t working right prior to this program.

Listen here or in your favored podcast player to hear the complete Vergecast conversation.

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