Tunnel Used by Jaish Militants to Enter India for 26/11-Like Attack Found, ‘Moonless Night’ Plan Revealed


    Tunnel Utilized by Jaish Militants to Enter India for 26/11- Like Assault Found, ‘Moonless Night’ Strategy Revealed

    3 days after 4 terrorists were gunned down at Nagrota’s Restriction toll plaza, the Border Security Force and Jammu and Kashmir authorities have jointly discovered the tunnel that the terrorists supposedly used to penetrate in the Samba sector. The tunnel was situated near Indian Border Station Regal in the district. The mouth of the tunnel has to do with 160 metres from the International Border and 70 metres from the border fence with a depth of 25 metres.

    A senior authorities officer present at website told News18 that the width of the tunnel seems about 3-3.5 feet. Green-coloured sand bags with markings in Urdu were discovered at the mouth of the tunnel. Among the bags also had Karachi, Pakistan written on it in English.

    ” Technical and digital monitoring led us to the Samba sector and more examination led us to the mouth of the tunnel,” IG Jammu Mukesh Singh said.

    Officials said healing of the cellphones with GPS and radio sets offered security forces leads about the path that the 4 alleged Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists took to penetrate. Investigation recommends they walked for four kilometers from the mouth of the tunnel till village Jatwal where a truck was waiting to transport the terrorists to the Valley.

    Information analysis of the GPS sets found on the killed terrorists recommends a walk of almost 30 kilometres by the terrorists from the JeM camp at Shakargah, Norowal in Pakistan to the Chak Bura border station in Pakistan opposite the Samba sector.

    Examination recommends the terrorists then crawled through the newly-discovered tunnel for about 200 metres and then walked for four kilometers to the pick-up point. The infiltration, based on technical data analysis, might have happened around 2 am on November 19 taking benefit of the moonless night.

    In the Pulwama chargesheet too, NIA had flagged off the technique of using moonless night for infiltration by Pakistani terrorists.

    A rice bag-laden truck was the pick-up automobile that was awaiting the terrorists at Jatwal. The handlers from Paksitan were repeatedly messaging and asking the collaborates of the terrorists, as revealed in the mobile radio gadgets recovered by cops. The truck was flagged off at the Restriction toll plaza at around 5 am on November19 The driver got away and the terrorists started shooting from inside the truck.

    ” An unique team was formed under an officer charged to conduct a comprehensive search, subsequent to which, by first light the tunnel was identified by the BSF along with J&K authorities. The exit remained in thick bushes carefully concealed and thoroughly covered with soil and wild development. The mouth of the tunnel is strengthened and strengthened by the sand bags with markings of Karachi, Pakistan,” a declaration by BSF checked out.

    IG BSF NS Jamwal told the media that the tunnel seems newly dug and used for the very first time. “It appears that correct engineering effort has actually gone in making the tunnel which shows the hand of the facility. The nearby Pakistan Border Outposts are– Chak Bhura, Rajab Sahid and Asif Sahid,” BSF stated.

    This is the third tunnel that BSF has actually unearthed in the Samba sector. On November 4, a tunnel was discovered with sand bags bearing Pakistani markings. In August too, the BSF had actually unearthed a tunnel. With appropriate upkeep of fencing at the International border and patrolling using technical surveillance, tunnels seem the newest seepage path adopted by Pakistan.

    Cops examination is on to locate the truck driver and the guides who helped the terrorists reach Nagrota. Mobile radio gadget, medicine strips, eatables all indicate Paksitan’s hand in the operation.


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