Trump supporters falsely claim a far-right activist at the US Capitol is actually a member of ‘Antifa’


    Trump fans falsely declare a far-right activist at the United States Capitol is in fact a member of ‘Antifa’.

    Trump supporters falsely claim a far-right activist at the US Capitol is actually a member of 'Antifa'

    Jake Angeli, the “Q Shaman,” was one of numerous protesters to challenge Capitol law enforcement officers at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC. – Demonstrators breached security and entered the Capitol as Congress debated the a 2020 presidential election Electoral Vote Accreditation. SAUL LOEB/AFP by means of Getty Images

    • Jake Angeli, an infamous far-right activist from Arizona, was envisioned as part of the mob that assaulted the US Capitol on Wednesday.
    • On social networks, other reactionary activists attempted to declare he was actually a liberal or part of “Antifa.”
    • They did so by posting a picture of him at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Tempe, Arizona, disregarding the reality that he was counter-protesting.

    Jake Angeli is a far-right activist who likes Donald Trump and appearing in public without a shirt and presenting as a viking.

    On far-right social media, nevertheless, the man from Arizona– imagined with a mob of Trump supporters at the US Capitol on Wednesday– is being falsely depicted as a supporter of a Black Lives Matter, a motion he opposes, as part of a conspiracy theory, stoked by at least one Fox News anchor, that blames the violence in Washington on anti-fascists.

    ” Paid actor and was at the BLM march in Arizona in 2015,” one male declared on Twitter.

    ” This ‘patriot’ led the method in the DC Riot,” claimed the administrator of a reactionary Facebook group in New Mexico.

    ” This person is from Arizona. Here is an image I took of him at the Temple BLM march in June,” another woman tweeted, pricing estimate a left-wing Arizona activist, her post retweeted some 18,000 times and receiving over 27,000 likes.

    Trump supporters falsely claim a far-right activist at the US Capitol is actually a member of 'Antifa'
    Reactionary activists on Twitter are declaring one of their own is in fact Antifa. Screenshot/Twitter

    Angeli was certainly at a Black Lives Matter demonstration. The problem for far-right conspiracy theorists is that he existed to oppose the protest. Undoubtedly, he is a crank himself.


    As the Arizona Republic reported, the 32- year-old Angeli is “a QAnon fan who has been a component at Arizona conservative political rallies over the previous year.” Back home, he is a fixture at the Arizona State Capitol building, “yelling about numerous conspiracy theories

    As Insider’s Rachel E. Greenspan noted previously in the day, that commitment has made him the name, “Q Shaman.” Antifa he is not.
    The episode might be dismissed with a laugh, had the broader claim – that Antifa was responsible instead of the president’s own fans – not already being presented into mainstream discourse by members of Congress, such as Rep. Matt Gaetz, who was praised by Home Republicans for his conspiratorial deflection

    Kate Starbird, a professional on disinformation at the University of Washington, described what’s coming on the far ideal: “They’ll ask their followers to overlook what they saw with their own eyes (and a few of what they experienced and committed themselves) … and believe another alternative truth.”

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