Trump Shares Phony Video Of Biden, Twitter Marks It As “Manipulated Media”


    Trump Shares Fake Video Of Biden, Twitter Marks It As 'Manipulated Media'

    ” China is drooling,” Trump edits the retweet.


    US President Donald Trump, who is trying to persuade voters that his opposition Joe Biden will motivate violent criminal offense, retweeted a fabricated video Wednesday purporting to reveal the Democrat playing a crudely worded anti-police rap tune.

    In the video, which Twitter later on marked as “manipulated media,” Biden stands at a podium, gets his mobile phone and tells the audience, “I have simply something to say.”

    He then appears to play N.W.A’s 1988 protest tune “F k tha Authorities” and dances slightly, smiling.

    After a couple of seconds, he jokes: “If I had the talent of any among these individuals, I ‘d be, I ‘d be chosen president by acclamation.”

    ” China is drooling,” Trump writes over the retweet.

    The problem is that Biden did not play N.W.A’s tune.

    The video footage is drawn from a project trip to Florida on Tuesday, where Biden took out his phone and played a few seconds of “Despacito.”

    The Latin hit’s singer, Luis Fonsi, had just introduced Biden at the event.

    Trump has actually made his claim that he is keeping America safe from left-wing mobs a keystone of his reelection campaign. Surveys show he is presently behind Biden.

    On Tuesday, Trump shared an advocate’s tweet that portrays Biden as a pedophile.


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