TikTok ban once again blocked by judge, this time thanks to three influencers


TikTok restriction once again blocked by judge, this time thanks to three influencers

TikTok got another reprieve from the Trump administration’s attempted restriction today, as a federal judge in Pennsylvania blocked the federal government from moving ahead with restrictions that would have efficiently closed down the app next month.

The judge granted an initial injunction against a series of bans by the US Commerce Department that were set to go into effect on November 12 th. The restrictions seemingly would have made the app unusable by restricting web hosting, content shipment, and more.

TikTok is suing the Trump administration and Commerce Department to obstruct its app from being prohibited, but this ruling really came from another claim: three TikTok developers who were concerned that the restriction would avoid them from making money. The judge agreed their argument that TikTok videos constitute “informative products,” which are safeguarded under the relevant law.

” The brief videos developed and exchanged on TikTok are expressive and useful, and are analogous to the ‘films,’ ‘art work,’ ‘photos,’ and ‘news wire feeds’ expressly secured under” the International Emergency Situation Economic Powers Act, the judge composed.

It’s not the first time this order has been obstructed in court. Another part of the Commerce Department’s constraints, set to block downloads on September 27 th, was stopped as part of a separate lawsuit

This reprieve recommends that TikTok is in the clear for the minute considering that the impending ban is now on hold. That does not necessarily stop the Trump administration from returning with another tack, however whether the administration pushes ahead with a different effort at a ban– which have actually all been supported by unclear national security issues– might depend on how Tuesday’s election goes and if they have factor to keep stiring a fight with a business in China.


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