This GameStop thing isn’t funny; it’s stupid


    This GameStop thing isn’t funny; it’s dumb

    • For some factor, people are cheering the GameStop bubble as a success for the retail financiers.
    • Those retail investors are going to lose their shirts when this bubble pops.
    • Disconnecting stock costs from business value results in stupid results.
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    As of this writing, GameStop’s share cost of about $340 gives it a market capitalization of roughly $23 billion.

    The initial, putative theory behind the Reddit-driven push to purchase GameStop was that the company had a great turn-around strategy and would successfully move to online video game sales and begin making cash once again.

    If GameStop is overvalued by $20 billion right now, that’s $20 billion of losses waiting to accumulate, mostly to normal financiers who got captured up in a trend.

    If you desire to see what a market without short selling looks like, look at the private markets, which have in current years blown bubbles public investors would not endure, like at WeWork and Theranos.

    But the concept that retail investors have actually been denied of the chance to make genuine cash through vanilla financial investments isn’t real.

    The finest thing to do to improve returns to vanilla investments that are appropriate for retail financiers is to improve the long-run growth of the economy.

    One factor to prefer a substantial fiscal stimulus bundle (besides that it will offer relief to the sort of individuals who don’t have money sitting around to throw at Reddit investing patterns) is that if it “overheats” the economy– tightening the labor market and causing prices to increase– that may tend to press interest rates up.

    And in addition to increasing the return on safe possessions, an increase in interest rates would, ideally, take the gas out of investing bubbles, like this specifically absurd one.


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