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    Thirumavalavan dismiss alliance with PMK for surveys


    It would be a significant compromise and opportunistic, he says



    It would be a significant compromise and opportunistic, he states

    Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi creator Thol. Thirumavalavan on Tuesday eliminated any possibility of an alliance with Pattali Makkal Katchi in the 2021 Assembly election.

    In an interview to The Hindu, he said his celebration would not belong of an alliance that includes the PMK due to their fractious and tumultuous current past.

    ” We have actually taken this stand after considering it calmly and deeply about merits and demerits over an amount of time. An alliance with the PMK would be a significant compromise, opportunistic and makes up absurdity,” he stated.

    When asked if he would be open to a discussion if the PMK reached out with an attempt to reconcile distinctions, Mr. Thirumavalavan said he was not in a position to lay down conditions for reconciliation. “He [PMK founder S. Ramadoss] has actually had a cordial relationship with me and, at the same time, he has actually expressed severe animosity … to the extent that my individual safety was compromised. There was a time when he kept moving his pieces against me without any reason whatsoever … I have no personal bitterness versus him and I have no differences with him. In truth, we have worked with him closely for five years in Tamil Padhukappu Iyakkam,” he stated.

    Mr. Thirumavalavan felt that Dr. Ramadoss’ recent comments in an interview to a television channel that VCK (or any other celebration) and the PMK are not sworn opponents were “meaningless”.

    ” He encountered as an extremely revolutionary force in the beginning– somebody who looked after Tamil culture, people, a crusader for social justice and somebody who welcomed Dalits … He came across as an Ambedkarite, a Periyarist and a Marxist and we wished to deal with him politically on that basis. Then again, he went back to caste,” he charged.

    Mr. Thirumavalavan implicated Dr. Ramadoss of turning to caste-polarisation for political gain.

    ” Whenever he loses political clout, he goes back to caste politics. He doesn’t appear to care even if poor working class individuals– those who herd animals, who operate in the farms, etc.– are affected by this. To accomplish polarisation between non-Dalits and Dalits [working classes], he is honing the distinctions between them. I am not stating he is developing the split in between Dalits and non-Dalits– the split currently exists in society due to caste, but he is using the caste conflict for political gain. This threatens– we ought to work to get rid of differences between people, not utilize those differences,” he said.



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