“Think He Made A Mistake”: Trump Counters CDC Chief On Vaccine Timeline


    'Think He Made A Mistake': Trump Counters CDC Chief On Vaccine Timeline

    Surveys show a majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic (File)

    Washington, United States:

    President Donald Trump expressed renewed self-confidence Wednesday that a viable Covid-19 vaccine would be ready by October, straight contradicting a leading administration health specialist and dealing with intense criticism from his Democratic election rival Joe Biden.

    Trump sowed confusion about the problem with an amazing public rebuke of one of his top health professionals who stated masks were a leading weapon for fighting the pandemic and that a vaccine was unlikely to be extensively offered until mid-2021

    ” I think he slipped up when he stated that. That’s simply incorrect information,” Trump informed press reporters referring to Senate testimony by Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance director Robert Redfield.

    ” We’re very close to that vaccine as you know … We believe we can begin sometime in October” or shortly thereafter, Trump stated.

    ” I believe he was puzzled,” he said of Redfield. “I am simply telling you we are all set to go as soon as the vaccine happens.”

    Redfield told lawmakers Wednesday that a “really restricted” distribution to priority groups consisting of first responders could begin in November and December, however that full application would take many more months at least.

    ” I believe we’re probably taking a look at late 2nd quarter, third quarter 2021″ before a safe and efficient vaccine would be available to the general public, he added.

    The contradiction in between Trump and health professionals on a problem that has become a focal point of the 2020 election campaign highlighted the absence of trust Biden said he and the general public have in the president’s handling of the pandemic which has eliminated nearly 200,000 Americans.

    ” When I said I trust vaccines, and I rely on the researchers, however I do not rely on Donald Trump – this is what I meant,” Biden tweeted after Trump’s remarks.

    Barely an hour earlier the Democratic candidate said Trump’s rejection to take essential actions to take on the pandemic, like setting up nationwide guidelines on social distancing and screening, were “absolutely disqualifying” for the presidency.

    The Democratic nominee, speaking after getting an instruction by public health experts, stated he supported a quick Covid-19 vaccine to help American life return to regular, but said the procedure must be directed by science and safety, not politics.

    ” He’s the president”

    On Tuesday Trump accelerated his own currently positive predictions, stating a vaccine might be readily available even before the November 3 governmental election.

    ” We’re within weeks of getting it, you understand– could be 3 weeks, four weeks,” he informed a city center question-and-answer session with citizens in Pennsylvania aired on ABC.

    Democrats have revealed concern that Trump is pressing federal government health regulators and scientists to approve a hurried vaccine in time to help his uphill bid for reelection.

    Trump likewise raised eyebrows when asked at the town hall why he had actually minimized the gravity of the pandemic in its early months.

    ” I didn’t downplay it,” Trump responded. “I really, in lots of ways, I up-played it in terms of action.”

    However Trump himself informed journalist Bob Woodward during taped interviews that he had actually intentionally decided to “play it down” to prevent alarming Americans.

    The president, who is seldom seen wearing a mask in public and long refused to push Americans to embrace the habit, told the town hall that “a great deal of people do not want to wear masks and individuals don’t believe masks are excellent.”

    The comment caught large flak, consisting of from Biden, who likewise knocked Trump for stating the Democrat decreased to set up a mask required.

    ” I’m not the president, he’s the president,” Biden whispered into the microphone.

    Trump’s anti-mask message got a dressing down of sorts by Redfield too, as the CDC director held up a medical mask to senators and stated “I may go so far as to say that this facemask is more guaranteed to protect me versus Covid than when I take a Covid vaccine.”

    Trump rejected the assertion outright, and noted that he called Redfield to ask him what he indicated.

    ” I think there are a lot of issues with masks,” Trump stated. “It’s not more reliable than a vaccine.”

    Biden consistently appears at project events using a mask, and normally takes it off to deliver a speech. Trump, who is routing in pre-election ballot, has mocked Biden for wearing a mask.

    Polls show a majority of Americans Trump’s handling of the pandemic.

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