These are the violent threats that made Amazon drop Parler


These are the violent dangers that made Amazon drop Parler

In a filing on Tuesday, Amazon reacted to Parler’s claims that it acted unjustly in taking down the social network– and while doing so, offered outsiders a make over at the content that provoked Amazon to suspend Parler’s web services account.

Amazon Web Services suspended service to Parler on January 9th, successfully shutting down the social media. It’s failed to secure a replacement webhosting, and it argued in court that Amazon was exercising unjust monopoly power in taking down the site.

Amazon’s decision to suspend Parler’s service has provoked ongoing argument about AWS’s power as a hosting company and whether such suspensions position a risk to free speech. But while many had seen the suspension as a knee-jerk reaction to the mob attack on the United States Capitol, Amazon’s response explains that the service had lodged complaints with Parler long prior to the raid.

” AWS reported to Parler, over many weeks, lots of examples of material that motivated violence,” the company argues in the filing, “including calls to hang public authorities, kill Black and Jewish individuals, and shoot law enforcement officers in the head,”

To drive house this point, the complaint consists of 15 examples of such posts, that include graphic calls to violence versus tech CEOs, school teachers, and professional athletes. In many cases, the remarks also refer to specific dates and targets for violence, motivating users to form militia groups and “obtain targets.”

Amazon says it sent more than 100 such comments to Parler in the weeks leading up to the suspension.

Material warning: these dangers are graphic, violent, and racist; use discretion.

The filing offers more background to Amazon’s previous claims that the suspension remained in action to escalating calls for violence on Parler.

” It is clear that there is significant content on Parler that motivates and prompts violence against others, and that Parler is unable or unwilling to immediately determine and remove this material, which is an offense of our terms of service,” the company said in a statement on January 9th. “We made our issues understood to Parler over a variety of weeks and during that time we saw a considerable boost in this kind of unsafe content, not a decrease, which led to our suspension of their services Sunday night.”

In the filing, Amazon highlighted that it had suspended service instead of ending it totally and was open to bring back service to Parler if the company started moderating material in compliance with AWS’s terms of service.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made a similar point on Wednesday in an appearance on CBS, describing that Apple had eliminated Parler from the iOS App Store since of its failure to moderate its material according to Apple’s terms. “All we’re asking is he meet the Terms of Service,” stated Cook. “Our hope is that they do that and return on the store.”


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