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    ‘There will be no change in alliance’


    ‘There will be no change in alliance’

    There will not be a coalition federal government after surveys, states Electricity Minister.


    There will not be a coalition government after polls, states Electrical energy Minister.

    P. Thangamani, Electricity Minister and the ruling party’s face in Namakkal district, is concerned as a key figure in the AIADMK regime, ever considering that Edappadi K. Palaniswami ended up being the Chief Minister in February,2017 He has been made the lead member of the celebration’s media panel. In an interview, he asserts that there is no anti-incumbency, and the party’s existing alliance will continue in2021 Excerpts:

    What are the primary difficulties facing your celebration in the run up to Assembly election? What will be the centerpiece of your party’s project?

    The [AIADMK] government, in the last 10 years, particularly in the last 4 years, has actually done really well. To tell you frankly, I do not see any obstacle for my celebration. The government’s efficiency on development, simple accessibility of the Chief Minister and Ministers, the Chief Minister’s pro-farmer image, and COVID-19 management will all favour my party.

    Our project will certainly be based on the advancement slab.

    Besides, in the celebration too, numerous committees have been constituted [to oversee election work] and zonal point-persons appointed. We have exceeded those problems[which arose as part of the debate on the party’s nominee for the post of Chief Minister]

    Do you think that anti-incumbency, on account of being in power for 10 years, the absence of Jayalalithaa and the understanding of the BJP calling the shots in the State will affect your party’s opportunities?

    The fact that we have actually been in power for 10 years is going to be our plus point. There is no anti-incumbency due to the fact that of our excellent governance.

    As far as my celebration is concerned, there are no two viewpoints that only when there are cordial relations between the Central and State federal government, the State will stand to gain heavily. At the exact same time, we [my party] have never quit our individuality on issues that affect the State. We are following the policy of Amma[Jayalalithaa] As for the alliance, there is no problem.

    What is the message that you draw from the outcomes of Bihar elections?

    Opposition parties have actually been carrying on an incorrect campaign about the way COVID-19 is being dealt with. However this verdict illustrates that the Central and State federal governments have succeeded on this front. Our showing on the COVID-19 management is as excellent as an industrialized nation.

    Do you expect addition of allies or modifications in today coalition?

    As I see, there will be no modification in the existing positioning of forces. The very same union will continue.

    Will there be a coalition government in the State after the Assembly surveys?

    No. The policy followed by Thalaviar [M.G. Ramachandran] and Amma will continue

    Tamil Nadu.
    ( the heading, this story has actually not been released by Important India News personnel and is published from a syndicated feed.).


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