The Pentagon isn’t the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military


    The Pentagon isn’t the only one with unique operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military

    • The United States military’s special-operations forces are well known for their achievements on battlegrounds overseas.
    • However to satisfy security needs in the house, various US federal government firms and departments have set up specially trained units that have some distinct objectives.

    The military isn’t the only one with special-operations systems.

    Many US government firms and departments have actually specially picked, manned, and skilled systems with some unique objective sets. Due to the fact that of the Posse Comitatus Act, which makes it practically impossible to utilize the active-duty military in a domestic situation, a few of these units are the last line of defense in their respective jurisdictions.

    Here are the top 5:

    Captive Rescue Group (FBI)

    The Pentagon isn't the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military
    HRT operators conducting close-quarters battle training. FBI

    The HRT specializes on domestic counterterrorism and captive rescue. It’s the law-enforcement equivalent of Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 and often trains with both systems.

    To get HRT, an FBI unique representative must have served two to three years in a field office. To become an operator, he or she then should pass a grueling two-week choice and then a 32- week operator training course similar to Delta Force’s.

    The HRT hires greatly from the special-operations neighborhood. Previous Navy SEALs, Delta Force operators, Rangers, and Pararescuemen are a few of those recruited by the Bureau. Tom Norris, a Navy SEAL who won the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, was one of the very first HRT operators in spite of missing an eye.


    The unit is composed of about 100 operators and is split into 2 groups (Gold and Blue) that contain assault and sniper groups.

    Aside from armored vehicles, the unit has its own helicopters and boats and often trains with the leading military units, such as the Night Stalkers HRT operators train in a variety of environments, including arctic, metropolitan, and maritime and discover several seepage techniques such as free-fall parachuting and close-circuit diving.
    HRT operators have actually deployed to the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan alongside Joint

    Special Operations

    Command (JSOC) forces.

    The HRT conducted successful hostage rescues in Alabama in 2013 and Atlanta in2014 It also participated in the hunt for the Boston marathon bomber in 2013.

    Maritime Security Action Groups (Coast Guard)

    The Pentagon isn't the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military
    MSRT operators sharpening their marksmanship skills while underway. US Coast Guard

    The MSRTs are Coast Guard’s elite. They focus on maritime counterterrorism and high-risk maritime law enforcement. Like Navy SEALs, they likewise stand out at Go to, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) operations and frequently release outside the US.

    The MSRT pipeline is practically 18 months and includes a range of skills, including close-quarters fight, objective planning, fast-roping, and water survival.

    Operators can then concentrate on additional abilities such as sniping, pet dog handling, and Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High Yield Dynamite (CBRNE) detection.

    There are two groups, MSRT-West in California and MSRT-East in Virginia, amounting to 300 operators.

    The Coast Guard can be put under the control of the Department of the Navy during wartime, however in peacetime it belongs to the Department of Homeland Security.

    But MSRTs frequently release on and use Navy ships as platforms for their operations. If they need to do an interdiction in United States waters, the Navy crew need to raise the Coast Guard’s ensign, putting the ship under Coast Guard control for the period of the operation in order to adhere to the Posse Comitatus Act.

    In the last 6 years, the MSRTs have actually deployed locally and overseas in assistance of the military close to 200 times.

    Special Action Teams (DEA)

    The Pentagon isn't the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military
    DEA representatives burning hashish took in Operation Albatross, a joint Afghan, NATO, and DEA operation, in 2008. DEA

    The SRTs are DEA’s dedicated teams to execute high-risk searches and arrest warrants.

    DEA unique representatives who want to sign up with the SRTs have to pass a two-week training course that covers tactical entries, lorry interdiction, emergency situation healthcare, advanced weapons, protective tactics, mission planning, and mechanical breaching.

    Unique agents on SRTs serve part-time while also satisfying their normal duties. There are 20 SRTs across the United States.
    The system has just been functional since January 2020, however it can trace its lineage to the Foreign-Deployed Advisory and Assistance Teams (FAST) that were shut off a few years back.

    DEA unique agents appointed to QUICK teams deployed routinely in Central and Latin America as part of the war on drugs however also to Afghanistan to counter the drug trade that fuels the Taliban war machine.

    While in Afghanistan, the FAST groups developed a close working relationship with the Australian Special Air Service Routine (SASR) and second Task Force Program.

    Unique Action Groups (Department of Energy)

    The Pentagon isn't the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military
    Security specialists at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River Website. Department of Energy

    These are the males who defend America’s nuclear sites. Just professionals serve in the SRTs, and to join one has to pass a tactical reaction certification course.

    The course teaches skills required to perform the high-risk regain, healing, and pursuit operations of nuclear material and to support disturbance, interdiction, neutralization, containment, and denial methods.

    Contractors also go through marksmanship training, group tactical urban movement, and breaching, fieldcraft, close-quarters combat, and night operations.

    The SRTs are likewise capable of dealing with active shooter or captive circumstances involving Department of Energy websites and facilities.

    The unit was established in 1981 and historically has actually been manned by special-operations veterans. Previous Delta Force operators, in specific, have been crucial to establishing the unit’s training curriculum and basic operating procedures.

    There are about 400 professionals divided into seven SRTs that cover the department’s nuclear sites.

    Unique Operations Group (CIA)

    The Pentagon isn't the only one with special operators. Here are the 5 most elite forces outside the military
    The CIA seal inside the company’s headquarters in Virginia. Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty Images

    SOG is the tactical arm of the CIA.

    Divided into three branches (Ground, Air, Maritime), SOG conducts concealed special-operations on behalf of the CIA.

    Ground Branch specializes on unconventional warfare and is pretty similar to the Army’s Special Forces. Air Branch operates a fleet of aircraft in assistance of CIA operations. Maritime Branch operates ships and vessels and conducts maritime special-operations for the company.
    SOG is mainly composed of former special-operations troops, with Delta Force well represented in its ranks.

    SOG is part of the Special Activities Center, which also consists of the Covert Influence Group (CIG) that carries out mental operations.

    Stavros Atlamazoglou is a defense reporter concentrating on special operations, a Hellenic Army veteran (National Service with the 575 th Marine Battalion and Army HQ), and a Johns Hopkins University graduate.


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