Sure enough, EVGA and Zotac have raised prices on the Nvidia RTX 3080 and beyond


Sure enough, EVGA and Zotac have actually raised rates on the Nvidia RTX 3080 and beyond

Nvidia and AMD resolved the excellent GPU shortage today, revealing it might take lots of months before you’ll quickly find a card like the RTX 3080 on shelves. They didn’t say just how much a renewed Trump import tax on graphics cards might affect their rates– now, Nvidia partners EVGA and Zotac might have done that for us

Both graphics card producers have actually now raised their prices across the board, with EVGA following Asus’s lead by openly admitting at the top of its site that it’s making these modifications. Zotac, on the other hand, appears to have actually silently raised costs not when, however twice in recent weeks– and thanks to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, we can show you how both business’s prices have actually altered (at their own stores, anyhow).

Here’s EVGA’s statement, just for posterity:

Due to continuous events, EVGA has actually made cost modifications on the GeForce RTX 30 Series items. This change was necessary due to numerous aspects and will be reliable January 11,2021 EVGA has worked to lower and minimize these costs as much as possible. For those who are presently in the Notify Queue system or Step-Up Queue, EVGA will honor the initial MSRP rates through April 16 th, 2021 if your purchase position is processed prior to this date.

Like EVGA suggests, its cost hikes aren’t that extreme– only a $70 boost on a lot of cards, and it’s good that they’re honoring their trade-up program for a few months. The RTX 3060 Ti is simply $460, the exact same a good friend of mine just recently paid at a Central Computers store for that exact card in the SF Bay Area.

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Before and after at EVGA.

Zotac, on the other hand, has actually raised the cost of even its many fundamental cards by $90 – $100, and even more than that for the RTX3090:

  • from $440 to $500 and now $530 for an RTX3060 Ti
  • from $540 to

    $600 and now $640 for an RTX3070

  • from $750 to $780 and now $840 for an RTX3080
  • from $ 1550 to $1580 and now $1900 for an RTX 3090
  • .


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January 13 th vs. January 3rd at Zotac.


None of this matters unless you can discover one, naturally. For that, once again, here’s the most recent guidance we have from AMD and Nvidia.


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