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SHRC asks State to keep health workers safe


Wants them to be offered security gear and they be insulated from wage cuts or retrenchments.

The State Human Being Rights Commission (SHRC) has asked the State federal government to look into the claims that health workers and their supporting staff are being treated indifferently and insensitively by some personal health center managements in the State and file a report in this regard in 30 days.

It also directed the State government to guarantee that all the health workers were provided PPEKs, face masks and gloves instantly.

The commission passed the order while releasing notice to the State government and the Director of Health Providers on a complaint submitted by Seji Mootheril, secretary, Pravasi Legal Cell.

He said denial of protective kits and essential safety measures to the health workers, amidst boost in favorable cases among health employees, was a cause for worry.

According to the grievance, the front-line warriors in the battle versus the COVID-19 such as physicians, nurses, lab service technicians, and other supporting personnel consisting of ambulance drivers were treated inhumanely by managements of some personal medical facilities.

The health workers were being denied protective devices and there were circumstances of some personal managements deducting their salaries. The plaintiff likewise pointed out that the Supreme Court had already directed the governments to see that there was no cut in the income of health employees. In spite of this, health employees discovered their incomes being cut and they were also under constant worry of losing their tasks.

He, therefore, looked for a directive to the State federal government to guarantee that all the health employees were offered with safety sets as well as insurance coverage. It likewise looked for a directive to take suitable action against health center managements that subtracted salary of health employees.



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