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    Severe scarcity of ICU beds with ventilators under govt. quota in Bengaluru


    BBMP’s site on COVID-19 medical facility bed status shows availability.

    A BBMP official said the demand for ventilator beds rose since last week as many patients under home isolation were turning up at hospitals after their symptoms aggravated.

    A BBMP authorities stated the need for ventilator beds rose because last week as lots of clients under house isolation were showing up at healthcare facilities after their symptoms worsened.|Image Credit:



    BBMP’s site on COVID-19 healthcare facility bed status reveals schedule.

    For the recently, critical COVID-19 patients are finding it hard to get ICU beds with ventilators under government quota in Bengaluru.

    Although the BBMP’s website on COVID-19 medical facility bed status reveals there is an accessibility of 34 ICU beds with ventilators in federal government hospitals, one in a federal government medical colleges, 156 in private hospitals, and five in personal medical colleges in the city as on Sunday, BBMP nodal officers who facilitate bed allocation for clingy clients through the main allocation system stated they were unable to get ventilator beds obstructed for patients under their jurisdiction since Saturday.

    Besides, volunteers participated in helping with bed allotment under federal government quota through the BBMP said they were defenseless as nearly all medical facilities they contacted straight stated they did not have any ventilator beds. Ameen Muddasar, a volunteer from Emergency situation Reaction Group (ERT), a group that is working to help and guide patients get federal government quota beds, complimentary ambulance and free medication in the city, said his group might not get a single ventilator bed for patients because Saturday.

    Website not upgraded

    Mohammed Mohsin, one of the IAS officials in charge of facilitating admission of COVID-19 clients in private healthcare facilities of Bengaluru Central, said the circumstance was grim as practically all the medical facilities in his jurisdiction had absolutely no availability of ventilator beds. When explained that the BBMP website showed schedule, the authorities said that was because the medical facilities had actually not updated the numbers on the site.

    A senior BBMP authorities from South Zone stated the demand for ventilator beds was on the rise because the recently as a number of patients who were under house seclusion were showing up at healthcare facilities after their signs worsened. “Clients who would be asymptomatic when they test favorable and opt for home seclusion are not following correct medical advice and are turning critical. Several are reporting with aggravated symptoms and are now requiring ventilators,” he said.

    Admitting that the site did not have actually upgraded numbers, the authorities said: “Most personal healthcare facilities are scamming the BBMP. Although on paper they reveal bed allotment, when we really call and examine (which we do compulsorily prior to sending out a crucial client), they say ventilators are occupied as other patients turned important. And, that the numbers are yet to be upgraded.”

    807 clients in ICU

    K.V. Trilok Chandra, who heads the State’s Important Care Assistance Unit (CCSU), said the number of clients being kept track of in ICUs across the State has actually been constant over the last one week.

    The ICU admissions that were listed below 700 till August 10, started increasing after that and hovered around 750 till August end. Subsequently, the numbers started increasing and as on Sunday 807 clients were being kept an eye on in ICUs.



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