Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones don’t include microSD card support


Samsung’s Galaxy S21 phones don’t consist of microSD card assistance

It’s official: Samsung is ditching the microSD card on all three of its Galaxy S21 designs.

We asked Samsung about this, and the business’s reasoning seemed to be that it does not think it’s essential. A representative informed us that it only costs $50 to upgrade from 128 GB to 256 GB which this is more affordable than what competitors are charging to step up storage. They likewise noted that cloud storage is an option.

That’s all well and good, but it’s still likely that this change will be a bummer for some prospective customers. It indicates the maximum amount of storage you’ll be able to get on the S21 phones (without wrangling up extra cloud storage) is the 512 GB configuration of the S21 Ultra.

As Samsung’s website promotes, the microSD slot on last year’s S20 lineup offers users access to potentially over 1TB of storage. That suggests for clients who are currently utilizing high-capacity microSD cards with those older designs, the S21 line will be a storage downgrade.

The S21 Ultra will max out at 512 GB of storage.
Picture by Chaim Gartenberg/ The Edge

Samsung has actually toyed with eliminating the microSD slot before. It attempted to pull the port from its Galaxy S6 however brought it back to the S7 in response to client problems. Some modern flagships are likewise SD-less, however, consisting of the Galaxy Fold, Note 10, and Note 20


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