RTI Exposes VK Sasikala May Be Launched From Prison In Jaunary 2021: Report


    RTI Reveals VK Sasikala May Be Released From Jail In Jaunary 2021: Report

    VK Sasikala is serving a four-year term in a corruption case in Bengaluru. (File)


    Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa’s assistant VK Sasikala, serving a four-year term in a corruption case in Bengaluru, may be launched from jail next January supplied she paid the great quantity of Rs 10 crore, Karnataka Jail department has actually stated.

    VK Sasikala, lodged at the Parappana Agrahara Prison in Bengaluru, was founded guilty and sentenced in February 2017 in the Rs 66 crore disporportionate assets case.

    ” According to prison records, found guilty detainee number 9234 Sasikala’s ‘possible date of release’ is January 27, 2021, provided in-default fine quantity is paid as awarded by the honourable court,” Superintendent of Central Prison at Parappana Agrahara, R Latha stated in reaction to an RTI inquiry.

    The reply was to the question by activist T Narasimha Murthy on September 11.

    Ms Latha included Sasikala’s “probable date of release” would be February 27, 2022 if the fine is not paid.

    The officer discussed the probable date of release might vary if Sasikala uses a parole facility.

    She will need to pay Rs 10 crore to go out of prison on January 27, 2021, else spend another 13 months behind bars.

    After the Supreme Court restored the high court judgement against Sasikala and 2 of her close loved ones in the disproportionate possessions case, (VN Sudhakaran and J Elavarasi), she gave up before the court in Karnataka on February 15, 2017 and has actually been lodged in Parappana Agrahara Central Jail.

    Her two family members are also going through 4 years easy imprisonment and all three of them were slapped with a fine of Rs 10 crore each.

    With the death of Jayalalithaa in 2016, who was the first implicated in the event, the appeal by Karnataka against her stood eased off.

    Recently, Sasikala’s counsel had actually expressed hope of her early release, perhaps by the end of this month, citing remission for great conduct.

    Based on norms, three days of remission for great conduct is offered for every month in prison therefore far, she has actually finished 43 months, making her eligible for a decrease of 129 days in prison,

    ” The Karnataka Prison Manual does not have any provision barring remission to those founded guilty for offenses under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

    ” Based on the handbook, I strongly think that she will be released by the month end,” her advocate N Raja Senthoor Pandian had actually stated.

    When the remission of 129 days is used, the release will be throughout the month end and not the previously expected date of January 2021, he had actually said.

    Sasikala has actually currently invested an overall of 35 days in jail in 1997 and 2014 and availed a 17 day parole in 2017, which is subtracted from the duration she currently served, he had stated.

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