Revolutionizing the old-school legal industry: How law firms are using new tech to cut costs and the startups set to benefit


    Revolutionizing the old-school legal industry: How law firms are using new tech to cut costs and the startups set to benefit

    • The legal industry is seeking to streamline efficiency and meet client demands by using startups or building up their own tech.

    • Business Insider is tracking the latest innovations across the legal industry.

    The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated virtually every industry’s path to digitize and the notoriously old-school world of law is no exception.

    Legal firms are demanding more innovation in a bid to improve efficiency and as clients seek lower costs. VCs are seeing promise in the space, opening their wallets to fund legal tech startups. Last year, Bloomberg Law reported that legal tech investments hit at least $1.2 billion by the end of the third quarter, surpassing the previous year’s record of $1 billion.

    Business Insider has been tracking the latest from startups looking to disrupt the complex and paper-dependent industry and how legacy companies are adopting new digital tools. See the latest below.Advertisement

    Legal tech startup news

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    Legal industry warms up to tech

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    How top law firm Mintz is using AI to help reduce costs for clients and alleviate work for associatesAdvertisement


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