Rafales Can Offer Advantage In Tibet In Aerial Battle: Ex-Air Force Chief


Rafales Can Give Big Advantage In Tibet In Aerial Combat: Ex-Air Force Chief

5 Rafale jets out of 36 got here India last week (File)

New Delhi:

The Rafale aircraft will offer India a strategic advantage in case of any aerial battle with China in the mountainous Tibet area as the fleet will have the ability to utilize the terrain to its advantage, destroy opponent air defence and incapacitate the surface-to-air missiles, former Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal (retd) BS Dhanoa stated on Sunday.

Mr Dhanoa, referred to as the architect of the Balakot strikes, said the Rafale jets in addition to S-400 missile systems will provide the Indian Flying force a significant combat edge in the entire area and that India’s foes will think twice prior to starting a war.

In case of Pakistan, he stated the purpose of the S-400 and Rafale is to strike Pakistani aircraft inside Pakistani air area and not when they come inside Indian area, including the neighbouring country would not have responded on February 27 last year to the Balakot air campaign if India had the French-manufactured jets then.

In an interview to PTI, Mr Dhanoa said the Rafale, with its fantastic electronic warfare suite and maneuverability, will be able usage mountainous surface in Tibet to its benefit and blind the enemy prior to India’s strike aircraft permeate hostile airspace to carry out their objectives

The former Chief of Air Staff also said that the Rafales being supplied to the IAF are far more sophisticated than the ones being utilized by the French Air Force as India had actually asked for something “more” due to requirement to run in unique conditions like operations from Leh.

5 Rafale jets out of 36 got here India recently at a time India remains in the midst of a bitter border row with China in the high elevation eastern Ladakh area.

” Rafale has got a great Electronic Warfare (EW) suite (SPECTRA), wonderful weapons and for that reason can safeguarding themselves digitally besides having the ability to utilize the surface to their advantage,” Mr Dhanoa said.

” So they (Rafales) can play an important role in doing DEAD (Destruction of Opponent Air Defence) on the Surface-to-Air Missiles that the Chinese have actually put on Tibet.

” As soon as you get those surface to air rockets then other airplane like Su30, Jaguars, even Mig 21 s can go out and drop the bombs on the Chinese forces. The strike airplane bring bombs can put tonnes and tonnes of bombs on the enemy troops, easily carrying out their objective. However if you do not do DEAD then you will suffer a great deal of casualties,” he stated.

The leading air forces globally perform Suppression of Opponent Air Defence (SEAD) or DEAD using their top of the line aircraft or weapons prior to introducing any significant operation in hostile territories.

” Versus China there are huge Himalayan mountains in between us which create severe line of vision issues. You can put a rocket with a range of 300-400 kms on the ground in Tibet or in India. But it will only work within the line of sight,” he said.

He said the Rafales, with terrain following ability, will give India a major ability enhancement.

” In air battle, the very first thing that is essential is information dominance, you get info and deny the enemy the information. The key function the Rafales will play in Tibet is details supremacy and in case of Pakistan, it is a major deterrent. Obviously there will be other functions too,” he said.



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