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Pune Mayor declares 400 unaccounted believed COVID-19 deaths


Pune Mayor Murlidhar Mohol has actually alleged that at least 400 presumed COVID-19 deaths have gone unaccounted for in the city in July.

Mr. Mohol said he raised the issue during his meeting with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Thursday, when the latter remained in the city to analyze the coronavirus circumstance.

Speaking on Friday, the mayor said that every month there are at least 400 to 500 deaths of believed coronavirus patients that are going unaccounted for in Sassoon General Hospital and personal health centers in the city.

” There are at least12 deaths of thought coronavirus clients that are going unaccounted for in Sassoon medical facility daily. Similar cases are happening in personal health centers also,” he declared.

” These deaths remain unaccounted for since the patients are either brought dead to the hospitals or they pass away immediately after being brought there,” he stated.

” According to the standards, no test is carried out on a departed. But when the physicians take the X-ray of these people, they reveal symptoms of COVID-19,” Mr. Mohol declared.

He said that while raising the concern with the CM, he looked for steps to stop such deaths.

” Early tracing of patients ought to be done so that they can be offered timely treatment and such deaths can be stopped,” he added.

Following the allegations, Collector Naval Kishore Ram said a questions will be performed into it and a report has been sought from Sassoon health center.

” The personnel of the district administration keeps visiting Sassoon health center and goes through the records. It is not likely that there is any misreporting or under-reporting in Pune,” he stated.

” There may be some issues related to data entry. The figure mentioned by the honourable mayor looks impossible. We will carry out a reasonable query as I have sought a report from Sassoon,” the Collector added.



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