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    Proposals worth ₹13,700 cr. including 118 Arjun MK-1A tanks cleared


    Proposals worth13,700 cr. consisting of 118 Arjun MK-1A tanks cleared

    Army will now place indent with Heavy Car Factory, Avadi for tanks.

    Main Fight Tank (MBT) Arjun MK-1A tank. File.|Image Credit:
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    Army will now place indent with Heavy Car Factory, Avadi for tanks.

    The Defence Acquisitions Council (DAC) headed by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday cleared procurement proposals worth13,700 crore consisting of 118 Arjun MK-1A tanks for around 8,400 crore. The enhanced tank was formally handed over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Army last week.

    Separately, Bharat Forge revealed that it has actually received a11795- crore order from the Defence Ministry under emergency procurement to supply its Kalyani M4 Kalyani M4 armoured lorries to the Army.

    ” All these acquisition propositions will be indigenously developed, established and made. These will include inter alia platforms and systems designed and developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the Ministry stated. Three Acceptance of Requirements (AoNs) were accorded approval for propositions for the three Services.

    Other proposals from the DRDO cleared by the DAC consist of Nag rocket carrier Namica, Arudhra medium power radars, Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APFSDS) 125 mm practice ammo.

    With the AoN accorded for the tanks, the Army will now put the indent with the Heavy Lorry Factory (HVF), Avadi, a defence official said. Within 30 months from the date of indent, the HVF will deliver five tanks called the “pre-production model”. The Army will put them through General Service Quality Requirement (GSQR) assessment and accord the Bulk Production Clearance (BPC) if found acceptable, the official stated.

    To methodically work towards decreasing the time taken for capital acquisition, the DAC also approved that all capital acquisition contracts (entrusted and non-delegated) other than design and advancement cases shall be concluded in 2 years. The Ministry, in consultation with the Providers and all stakeholders, will develop an in-depth plan of action for attaining it, the Ministry stated.

    Blast security automobiles

    The Kalyani M4 is a multi-role platform, created for quick movement in rough terrain and in areas impacted by mine and Improved Dynamite Gadget (IED) risks. An authorities said the offer is for 27 vehicles.

    ” It provides finest in-class levels of ballistic and blast protection– approximately 50 kg TNT side blast or IED, roadside bombs due to its innovative style, built on a flat-floor monocoque hull,” the company stated. It effectively completed a series of extreme automobile trials in a few of the hardest environments in India, it said.

    Bharat Forge and international aerospace and technology company Paramount Group have actually announced a cooperation arrangement to collectively produce armoured cars in India.

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