“Privilege To Serve ‘Maa Bharati'” Under Him: Amit Shah On PM’s Birthday


    'Privilege To Serve 'Maa Bharati'' Under Him: Amit Shah On PM's Birthday

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned 70 on Thursday. (File)

    New Delhi:

    Greeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his birthday today, Home Minister Amit Shah described him as the “country’s most popular leader” and said he felt honoured to serve the country under his leadership.

    The prime minister turned 70 on Thursday.

    In a series of tweets, Amit Shah, who is in hospital, also said in PM Modi, the country had a leader who had given the country’s poorest and most underprivileged a life of dignity.

    “Birthday greetings to the Prime Minister, our most popular leader dedicated to the service of the nation and the welfare of the poor,” Mr Shah, 55, posted in Hindi.

    “In Modi ji, the country has got a leader who connected the deprived with the mainstream of development and laid the foundation of a strong India.”

    दशकों से अपने अधिकारों से वंचित देश के गरीबों को घर, बिजली, बैंक खाता और शौचालय देना हो या उज्ज्वला योजना से गरीब माताओं के घर गैस पहुँचाकर उन्हें सम्मानपूर्ण जीवन देना हो, यह सिर्फ और सिर्फ प्रधानमंत्री @narendramodi जी के अटूट संकल्प और मजबूत इच्छाशक्ति से ही सम्भव हो पाया है।

    — Amit Shah (@AmitShah) September 17, 2020

    The home minister said the poorest, deprived of their rights for decades, had been provided with houses, electricity, bank accounts and toilets, and poor mothers had been provided gas connections through the Ujjwala scheme.

    “All of them have been given a respectable life. This was possible only due to the unwavering determination and strong will of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said.

    एक मजबूत, सुरक्षित, आत्मनिर्भर भारत के लिए अपने जीवन का क्षण-क्षण खपा देने वाले ऐसे महान नेता @narendramodi जी के नेतृत्व में माँ भारती की सेवा करने का अवसर मिलना बहुत ही सौभाग्य की बात है।

    मैं देश के करोड़ों लोगों के साथ मोदी जी के उत्तम स्वास्थ्य और दीर्घायु की कामना करता हूँ।

    — Amit Shah (@AmitShah) September 17, 2020

    “It is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve ‘Maa Bharati‘ under such a great leader, who spends every moment of his life making a strong, secure, self-reliant India… I, along with crores of people of the country, wish Modi ji good health and a long life,” he said.

    The Home Minister has been at Delhi’s AIIMS hospital since Sunday for what doctors say is a check-up after his recovery from Covid.



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