“Prime Minister is arrogant and a coward”: Congress leader Priyanka at farmers’ meeting


    “Prime Minister is big-headed and a coward”: Congress leader Priyanka at farmers’ meeting

    Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday blasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a “kisan mahapanchayat” in Mathura, calling him “big-headed” and a “coward” who does not owns up the responsibility for his policies.

    She also accused the PM of insulting farmers by making a mockery of them in Parliament through his “andolanjeevi” (regular agitators) remark.

    Promising that her party will rescind the new farm laws when it pertains to power, Priyanka alleged that they have actually been enacted by those engaged in earning money (” noton ki kheti”) to benefit their “billionaire pals”.

    ” People have actually constantly taught a lesson to arrogant federal governments and the time for it has gotten here,” she said, claiming that all election assures made by the ruling celebration have actually ended up being false.

    ” The reality is that the Prime Minister is not only conceited (‘ ahankari’) however likewise a coward (‘ kayar’). As quickly as his policies are questioned, he backtracks,” stated the Congress leader, accusing the PM of wrongly blaming her celebration’s policies for high fuel rates.

    ” Thank God the previous Congress governments had established markets, otherwise, today federal government would not have actually been able to sell anything,” she stated.

    The Congress general secretary likewise said the GST and demonetisation were introduced to benefit “billionaire buddies” of the Prime Minister.

    She stated the government is “intoxicated” by the idea of selling public sector assets and asked people at the gathering to conserve the sacred Govardhan hill “lest the BJP must offer it”.

    She declared that while the Centre collected over Rs 20 lakh crore through taxes on fuel and waived loans of its “billionaire buddies”, it did not spare a single cent for farmers.

    Speaking over the farm laws, she stated they will continue to fight for the cause of farmers till the anti-farmer legislations are rescinded.

    ” The Congress will reverse the laws when it concerns power if today federal government stopped working to do so,” she said.

    She also stated guarantees like doubling the earnings of farmers, waiving their loans and clearing sugarcane arrears have shown hollow.

    The federal government does not have Rs 15,000 crore to pay to farmers while 2 airplanes worth Rs 16,000 crore were bought for the Prime Minister, she stated.

    She stated through the laws, the government has paved the way for the hoarding of fruit and vegetables and removal of mandis.

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