President Ghani lauds PM Modi as Afghanistan begins COVID-19 vaccination using India-made vaccine


    President Ghani admires PM Modi as Afghanistan begins COVID-19 vaccination utilizing India-made vaccine

    India had talented 500,000 doses of COVISHIELD vaccines earlier this month to Afghanistan.

    Afghanistan begins vaccination using India made vaccines

    ( Image source: Afghan Prez office)

    Updated: Feb 23, 2021, 09: 04 PM IST

    Kickstarting the vaccination programme in his country with India-made vaccines, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday lauded the Indian federal government and PM Narendra Modi for sending out vaccines. The first to be vaccinated were members of the Afghan security forces and health care employees in the inauguration ceremony that was gone to by top Afghan officials and the Indian envoy to Afghanistan Rudrendra Tandon.

    Ashraf Ghani said, “India, the world’s biggest democracy and the largest manufacturer of vaccines, not just provided the house of Parliament of Afghanistan and the dams that are the pride of this country but likewise partners with us in regards to securing our lives and income.”

    Elaborating, “the uniformity that India has shown is an indicator of both our deep historic relationship and the guarantee of 2 democracies working in this area together. Let me thank PM Modi, the government of India for this expectational act of solidarity and kindness.”

    India had gifted 500,000 doses of COVISHIELD vaccines previously this month to the nation. Last year during the covid pandemic, India sent medicines and sent 75000 MT of wheat to the country as humanitarian help via Chabahar port to avoid any scarcity of food.

    Brand-new Delhi has actually so far sent vaccines, in form of presents and Commerical to more than 20 nations. With the significant exception of Pakistan as a result of obvious factors, all of India’s neighbours have been talented covid vaccines by India. In fact, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Afghanistan started their vaccination program using India-made vaccines. In contrast, Pakistan has stood out by being the only nation in South Asia to begin its vaccination using the Chinese vaccine.

    Ghani at the event, in what appears to be a remark on Pakistan said, “we need to make sure to overcome the forces of negative nationalism, nationalism should be an act of solidarity and pride in our common humankind and not sponsorship of groups and propensities that offer conflicts”

    Pakistan has actually been hosting numerous horror groups, and Kabul has actually been extremely singing about their being the reason for instability in the area.

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