Possessions Worth Over Rs 4 Crore Found With Madhya Pradesh Municipal Authorities


    Assets Worth Over Rs 4 Crore Found With Municipal Official In Madhya Pradesh

    Searches and evaluation of possessions of the local authorities are going on (Representational)


    Unaccounted possessions worth over Rs 4 crore were found throughout searches at the homes of an in-charge chief community officer in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday, the Lokayukta cops stated.

    Following grievances, the homes of the authorities, Barnagar Kuldeep Nishunk, in Ujjain and Barnagar were raided, Lokayukta Deputy Superintendent of Cops (DSP) Vedansh Soni said.

    The Lokayukta authorities look into corruption cases.

    Mr Nishunk started his career as panchayat secretary in 2008 and got a total of Rs 30 lakh in income till now, Mr Soni said. Throughout the raids, Lokayukta authorities found Rs 3.28 lakh money, 452 grams of gold, 2.8 kg of silver, files of agricultural land and 3 houses, he stated.

    Details of 56 savings account came to light and among these accounts, with a private bank, had Rs 1.08 crore in it, Mr Soni included.

    Mr Nishunk presumably acquired federal government agreements by floating dummy firms consisting of one signed up in his mother’s name, the official said.

    Searches and evaluation of properties are going on, Mr Soni included.



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