PM-CARES Fund Allocates Over Rs 201 Crore to Boost Medical Oxygen Availability Across Country


    PM-CARES Fund Assigns Over Rs 201 Crore to Increase Medical Oxygen Schedule Across Country

    A sum of Rs 201.58 crore from the PM-CARES Fund is being designated for installing 162 dedicated PSA medical oxygen generation plants in public health facilities throughout the nation, the PMO said on Tuesday. It stressed that appropriate and undisturbed supply of oxygen is a vital pre-requisite for managing moderate and serious cases of COVID -19, in addition to numerous other medical conditions where this need develops.

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi had in March announced the production of the PM’s Citizen Help and Relief in Emergency Situation Situations Fund (PM-CARES) where individuals can contribute to help in the federal government’s fight versus the coronavirus and comparable “upsetting situations”. The PM CARES Fund is designating Rs 201.58 crore for the setup of additional 162 devoted pressure swing adsorption (PSA) medical oxygen generation plants in public health centers throughout the nation, the Prime Minister’s Workplace stated.

    The total project expense consists of Rs 137.33 crore towards supply and commissioning of the plants and management cost of main medical supply store (CMSS) and around Rs 64.25 crore towards detailed annual upkeep agreement, it included. The main medical supply shop, a self-governing body of the Ministry of Health and Household Welfare, will undertake the procurement.

    The PMO said an overall of 162 plants with an overall capability of 154.19 MT will be set up in 32 states and union territories, adding that the government hospitals for these plants’ installation have actually been identified in consultation with the administration concerned. The plants have a warranty for the first 3 years, and for the next seven years, the task includes a detailed yearly maintenance agreement.

    The PMO stated this system will even more reinforce the public health system and make it possible for long-lasting methodical augmentation of medical oxygen accessibility in an economical way. Installation of PSA oxygen concentrator plants in public health facilities is an essential step to decrease the health facility’s reliance on the system of store and supply and to make it possible for these centers to have their own oxygen generation capacity.

    This will not only increase the total oxygen availability swimming pool of the states and UTs but also assist in offering of oxygen support in a timely way to clients in these public health facilities, it said. The Trust is headed by the prime minister. The other ex-officio members of the trust are the defence minister, the home minister and the financing minister.


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