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PIL submitted in Madras High Court implicating HR&CE Minister, Commissioner of using cars and trucks bought utilizing temple funds


Litigant trust declares that even fuel expenses are satisfied by the temples.

A public interest lawsuits petition has actually been filed in the Madras High Court implicating the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Minister in addition to the Commissioner of utilizing cars purchased from the funds of the Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore and the Kamakshiamman temple at Mangadu respectively.

Justices M.M. Sundresh and R. Hemalatha have actually bought notifications to the State government along with the HR&CE Commissioner on the PIL petition filed by the Indic Collective Trust, represented by its president T.R. Ramesh. The petitioner’s counsel Niranjan Rajagopalan said temple cash was being used even for fuel expenses.

The judges directed the Computer system registry to note the case together with another PIL petition filed by Rangarajan Narasimhan of Srirangam against a Federal government Order to gather10 crore of surplus funds from 20 rich temples and utilize it to renovate 10,000 village temples. Because case, the court had passed an interim order restraining any such expenditure.

In an affidavit submitted in support of his case, Mr. Ramesh stated a combined reading of Articles 25,26,27 of the Constitution would make it clear that the State might not suitable funds belonging to temples and other spiritual institutions. For this reason, the trust had challenged the validity of lots of provisions of the HR&CE Act prior to the Supreme Court.

Even as those cases were pending in the peak court, the HR&CE Department had actually been continuing to move temple funds without following the provisions of its own Act, the trust declared. It claimed that funds were being diverted at the ipse dixit of the department though the law prescribes fancy procedures such as requiring public objections.

Further stating that the HR&CE had actually failed to appoint trustees for around 19,000 temples in the State given that 2011, the litigant trust said they were being handled by the department workers designated as healthy Individuals. It insisted that the funds of such temples ought to be utilized for their important maintenance functions alone and not moved at all.

Mr. Rajagopalan also told the court that temple funds had been utilized for acquiring computers for HR&CE officials and painting their offices. He stated now there was also a proposition by the State federal government to begin a tv channel utilizing temple funds and that the trust would wish to book its right to challenge the decision at an appropriate time.



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