Pete Buttigieg says his ‘marriage might depend on what is about to happen’ in Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation


    Pete Buttigieg states his ‘marriage may depend on what is about to take place’ in Amy Coney Barrett’s SCOTUS confirmation

    • Previous Democratic presidential prospect Pete Buttigieg alerted of the stakes of Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s potential confirmation to the Supreme Court in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.”
    • ” My marital relationship may depend on what is about to happen in the senate with regard to this justice,” he stated.
    • Buttigieg doubled down on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s criticisms of Barrett’s nomination, stating Sunday that the process was “wrong.”
    • He likewise urged the US to “turn the page” from President Donald Trump, who he explained as a “destabilizing force” and a “president who is incapable” of managing the unique coronavirus pandemic.
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    Former Democratic governmental candidate Pete Buttigieg warned of the high stakes surrounding Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s possible verification to the Supreme Court, consisting of the marital relationship of LGBTQ couples.

    In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” host Chris Wallace asked Buttigieg about Democratic governmental nominee Joe Biden’s views on court-packing, the act of adding more justices to shift the ideological balance.

    The former vice president said most just recently on an ABC News city center held this past week that “he is not a fan” of court-packing but will specify his position prior to Election Day, depending on the confirmation process for Barrett.

    Buttigieg on Sunday said his views supporting the broadening of the court “haven’t changed,” and pointed to the policies at play in Barrett’s potential verification by the Senate.

    ” We do not want to allow this president to change the subject, which is what they are always doing,” Buttigieg told Wallace. “There are all type of intriguing concerns on the future of the American judiciary, however right now as we speak the pre-existing condition protection of millions of Americans might depend upon what is about to occur in the senate with regard to this justice.”

    ” My marriage might depend upon what will happen in the senate with regard to this justice,” Buttigieg added.

    In the verification hearing, Barrett declined to comment on the Supreme Court’s landmark judgments protecting LGBTQ rights and the legalization of birth control because she “can’t grade precedent.” She likewise just recently apologized for using the term “sexual preference” when describing LGBTQ Americans’ sexual orientation during her hearing.

    Wallace also asked Buttigieg about his previous criticism of Biden’s vote supporting the Iraq war. Last year during the Democratic race for the presidential nomination, Buttigieg slammed then-fellow candidate Biden’s vote as “an example of why years in Washington is not constantly the exact same thing as judgment.” Biden has actually given that strolled back his vote and previous position that supported use of military force against Iraq, which stimulated severe criticism.

    Buttigieg doubled down on his belief that getting into Iraq was “an error” however included, “we are not going to take lessons on Iraq policy from this present president who can hardly keep straight what’s going on in the Middle East and is a destabilizing force everywhere he goes.”

    He included that “we need to turn the page” from a “president who is incapable of managing a public health crisis that has now cost practically a quarter of a million American lives, tossed our economy into an overall wreckage, and clearly has no plan to do anything about it.”

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