Outrage over Death of Covid-hit Andhra Banker, SBI Launches Internal Probe into Carelessness Charges

    The SBI Officers’ Association alleged the branch manager died as he was forced to work despite being infected with coronavirus.

    The SBI Officers’ Association declared the branch manager passed away as he was forced to work regardless of being contaminated with coronavirus.

    The probe was bought after the SBI Officers’ Association alleged Pitta Rajesh, who headed a rural branch, passed away after he was required to work in spite of being infected with coronavirus.

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    The administration of State Bank of India has actually released an internal query into the death of a coronavirus-infected manager of a rural branch near Vishakhapatnam following accusations of neglect.

    The investigation was purchased after the SBI Officers’ Association declared that Pitta Rajesh (39), who headed the Firm Laxmipuram town branch, died as he was forced to work despite being contaminated with coronavirus.

    The official letter addressed to the general secretary, SBI Officers’ Association (Amaravati Circle), appeared on the Twitter page of United Online forum of Bank Unions, an umbrella body of 9 bank unions with over 21,000 fans.

    According to the association, Rajesh was struggling with moderate fever considering that August 25, but was disallowed from departing as his field manager was likewise on an authorized leave and the bank was already dealing with a manpower shortage.

    The field supervisor eventually tested positive for COVID-19 on August 28 and by this time, Rajesh’s health condition likewise aggravated. The association has actually further alleged that when Rajesh reached out to both the local manager and the bank’s personnel group on August 30 and 31 looking for medical leave, his demand was turned down on the ground that “deputation can not be organized where 2 officers are published”.

    Rajesh could not undergo a COVID-19 test as the branch is located in a remote area without any screening centres. The association has declared that the bank’s HR despite understanding that Rajesh had come in contact with a coronavirus-infected individual, had actually obliged him to come to work.

    When Rajesh’s health condition weakened on September 1, his other colleague took him on a two-wheeler to a health center that was 50 km away. Rajesh was discovered to be ‘severely’ COVID-positive through a RT-PCR test. However, even after notifying his regional, he was supposedly asked to provide proof of the exact same. He was lastly approved leave next day after he sent his test reports.

    It has likewise been alleged while Rajesh was undergoing treatment at a federal government hospital in his home town Kakinada, he was forced to attend review meetings on August 5 and went through constant embarrassment by his seniors, before succumbing to the virus on 11 September.

    While SBI is yet to officially provide a declaration about the incident, News18 has learnt that a group from SBI’s main workplace in Hyderabad reached Visakhapatnam on Wednesday to carry out an inquiry. The group will submit a report soon, following which the leading management will take a contact whether there was any neglect on the part of the local manager and HR.

    Sources stated a settlement package following standards has actually currently been provided to the deceased’s household.

    So, SBI mgmt awakened after a long hibernation & released strict advisory (Again) to safeguard their workers from any possible COVID infection. Please let us understand whether enquiry has been setup versus RM & HR Supervisor for Not granting leave to late Mr. P Rajesh or not?? @DFS_India https://t.co/xS3R8sXU6Z pic.twitter.com/0voMcB6cIV

    [email protected] (@Bankers_United) September 16, 2020

    On the other hand, members of the Union Online Forum of Bank Union have actually threatened to oppose outside Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy’s office if an FIR is not lodged against the implicated.



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