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    Online fitness training is not just an add-on


    Online fitness training is not just an add-on

    Digital improvement in the fitness industry is here to stay



    Digital change in the physical fitness industry is here to stay

    The existing kind of online physical fitness training is not simply an add-on to the training module but a service model in itself, stated Shwetambari Shetty, fitness expert at cure.fit.

    Ms. Shetty, together with Sarvesh Shashi, creator of SARVA, and Ashish Bhushan, director, Company Development, Procam International, belonged to The Hindu‘s 6th episode of ‘Conversations’, speaking about the future of individual physical fitness in the verticals of training, yoga and running.

    ‘ Conversations’, organised as part of The Hindu Group’s ongoing project, ‘Tamil Nadu Smiling’, are focused on uniting individuals of the State, its traders, retail organisations and government authorities to discover ways of emerging from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    For the physical fitness industry, the digital transformation is here to remain. “At cure.fit, 5,00,000 sessions are done daily, with over 1,00,000 subscribers for online exercises alone,” Ms. Shetty stated. “Among the state of minds pre-pandemic had actually been that health and wellness going digital would be a contradiction. That has changed,” said Mr. Bhushan.

    The strength of the digital fitness programs, however, would be reflected in how helpful they remained even after fitness centres opened to full capability. Utilizing them as a stop-gap option would make them redundant, he stated.

    In Addition, Mr. Sashi pointed out, this was an excellent time for young fitness start-ups to participate in the digital transformation due to the fact that post-pandemic, attention to fitness was ending up being an essential part of lifestyles. The capital required to start up and the risks involved would be minimum, helped by the digital medium’s inherent ability to course-correct dynamically.

    With a hybrid of digital exercises and in-person training becoming the norm, Ms. Shetty predicted a consistent rise in the at-home devices organization. “Resistance bands, yoga mats, dumbbells, kettlebells– all these are equipment that we see are doing excellent organization,” she stated.

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