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Offering the dead a dignified send-off

Members of MDR Foundation making arrangements to cremate a COVID victim in Patancheru.

Members of MDR Structure making plans to cremate a COVID victim in Patancheru.|Image Credit:
Mohd. Arif.



NGO performs last rites of COVID victims.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only created an environment of worry and panic amongst people, however also showed that blood is not always thicker than water. On July 10, when the household of a COVID victim in Patancheru refused to perform his last rites over worry of infection transmission, a local NGO stepped up to the task of providing him a respectful goodbye.

D. Madhusudhan, who runs an NGO called M. Devender Raju (MDR) Structure, performed the last rites with GHMC’s assistance.

For Madhusudhan and his team, this was not for the very first such instance. They have been doing it considering that 2017, for over 140 identified and unidentified bodies.

Patancheru, one of the greatest industrials belt in India, is termed ‘Mini India’ where people from different parts of the country reside. Sometimes, the situation is that the loved ones of a departed person are far away and are not able to travel or manage the journey. Mr. Madhusudhan started the effort after coming across a paper clipping in 2017 about the unclaimed body of an orphan.

” I am doing this job with the cooperation of M. Pruthvi Raj, B Rakesh and some others. The idea is provide self-respect to the dead,” Mr. Madhusudhan told The Hindu



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