Odisha boy urges transport department to change bus timings for school, Here’s the response


    Odisha kid prompts transportation department to alter bus timings for school, Here’s the response

    A school child coming from Odisha shown clearness about his trouble reaching school on time.

    Odisha school bus

    Updated: Jan 9, 2021, 09: 05 PM IST

    It is not rather typically that a schoolboy airs his complaint on an online public forum. However what surprises you more is that the general public authorities in fact reacted to the kid’s demand with utmost seriousness.

    A schoolboy coming from Odisha shown clearness about his problem reaching school on time practically every day as the bus leaves at a later time. The boy expressed his issues in a series of tweets.

    ” Respected Sir, I want to state that I am a trainee of MBS public school, Bhubaneswar. I use Mo Bus as my day-to-day transport implies to go to school. Nowadays the timing of the buses are changed. My reporting time at school is sharp at 7: 30 AM. However regrettably the very first bus of route no-13 leaves at 7: 40 AM from Lingipur. As an outcome I will be late for my school. And for this factor I am dealing with a great deal of issues. So I would be grateful to You if You kindly look into the matter and take some instant action. Yours Truly, Sai Anwesh A. Pradhan.” the young boy tweeted.

    The young boy then tagged the Capital Region Urban Transport Bhubaneswar (CRUT) and its Handling Director, IPS officer Arun Bothra.

    Now both CRUT and Bothra responded, and promised to alter the bus timings so that the child can reach school on time.

    ” Mo Bus moves with love of commuters like you. The timing of your bus will be changed from Monday. The first bus will start at 7 AM. You won’t be late for school,” Managing Director of CRUT, IPS officer Bothra wrote.

    Dear Sai #MoBus moves with love of commuters like you. The timing of your bus will be altered from Monday. The very first bus will begin at 7 AM. You won’t be late for school.

    With affection from whole group of @CRUT_BBSR https://t.co/kimd85 bXIg

    — Arun Bothra (@arunbothra) January 9, 2021

    The considerate response from the state’s transportation department to the little kid’s need has actually pleased the internet.

    Well done Sir. Easy actions however make much of a distinction

    — Vaibhav Garge (@meetvabby) January 9, 2021

    That’s how you resolve an issue … swift and trigger … lots of love and regard sir P.S.: I’m from UP … still enjoying the positivity in the air of every nook and corner of my country


    Congratulations to u and ur group! This is called ‘attending to concerns of common citizens’. More power to u and wish v have more such accountable n responsive officers running our administration.

    — Niranjan Damle (@DamleNiranjan) January 9, 2021

    If welfare decisions are taken like this at each level of the Federal government, we will be a far better nation.

    — R K Thrashing (@RAMAKRUSHNAROU2) January 9, 2021

    Wow that’s some resolution time … Congratulations Arun Sir.

    — Amit Lohia (@AmitLohia2019) January 9, 2021

    What an excellent way to start a day!! The system ACTUALLY does something for the people, on the basis of a tweet request, without going thru a 10 year file pushing process … Wah!

    Well done, Sir #KuchhBhiHoSaktaHai

    — City of Pleasure (@CDMsays) January 9, 2021

    The Mo Bus services is a part of Odisha government-owned Capital Region Urban Transportation’s (CRUT) ‘City Bus Modernisation’ program.

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