Nintendo has terminated the 3DS


Nintendo has actually ceased every model of the 3DS, according to its Japanese website The page listings for the New 3DS LL, New 2DS LL, and 2DS are still live, however each item lists “out of production” under its name. It’s not clear when the modification was made; several Japanese Twitter users noticed it this afternoon.

Nintendo’s United States website, on the other hand, appears to have actually scrubbed all mention of the 3DS at some point in the previous few hours. The homepage does not include the handheld console at all aside from a support link all the way at the bottom– under a similar link for the definitely-dead Wii U.

The 3DS was revealed in 2010 and launched the following year. By method of apology to early adopters, Nintendo made 20 NES and Game Kid Advance games readily available for complimentary.

The 3DS received a number of revisions throughout its life: the larger 3DS XL, the enhanced New 3DS, the cut-price 2DS, and finally the smooth 2DS XL. In overall, Nintendo delivered more than 75 million 3DS consoles worldwide– fewer than half as many of its predecessor, the phenomenally popular DS.

Nintendo’s focus is now completely on the Change, of course, with the console’s hybrid nature removing the need for a devoted portable system. The business has actually delivered more than 61 million Change consoles as of the end of June– a figure that is likely to surpass the 3DS this holiday season.



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