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Modified names likely in a fortnight: Pandiarajan



Inconsistencies in anglicised names of 400 puts determined.

A Federal government Order including a list of modified names for cities and towns in Tamil Nadu with anglicised names is likely to be released in a fortnight. In mid-June, the State withdrew a G.O. to alter the anglicised names of 1,018 cities and towns after prevalent criticism. Minister for Tamil Official Language and Tamil Development ‘Ma Foi’ K. Pandiarajan told The Hindu that based on the feedback gathered after the earlier G.O. was withdrawn, around 400 names of places that had disparities had actually been identified to be standardised.

Transliteration procedure

” The team has finalised the transliteration protocol. We needed to send the feedback on the names to all the groups in the districts.”

” The protocol will repair the concerns raised earlier such as the confusion over ‘Oor’ and ‘Ur’ in some names. As soon as the districts send out the revised list, the new anglicised names ought to be prepared,” he stated.

The initial list of anglicised names of locations closer to their Tamil names came under criticism after the government accepted the names proposed by numerous teams throughout districts which were tasked with creating the anglicised names.

Main amongst them was the renaming of ‘Vellore’ to ‘Veeloor’ and ‘Coimbatore’ to ‘Koyampuththoor’, which a senior official in the Tamil Department credited to using ‘Kuril’ (short vowels) and ‘Nedil’ (long vowels) for transliteration.

The federal government now declares to have fixed the transliteration procedure to prevent any more disparities.



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