Modi ‘Achieved’ Prime Ministership, Manmohan Singh Was Offered: Pranab Mukherjee in Memoir


    Modi ‘Accomplished’ Prime Ministership, Manmohan Singh Was Used: Pranab Mukherjee in Narrative

    Narendra Modi accomplished prime ministership, while Manmohan Singh was offered the same, the late Pranab Mukherjee wrote while making a contrast of the 2 PMs in his autobiography which was released on Tuesday.

    The former president made the comments in his narrative The Presidential Years, 2012-2017 which he wrote before his death last year. “I have had the good luck of communicating with and studying carefully numerous PMs of India since Independence. They were different in quirk, charisma, style and technique to governance. They came from various socio-economic backgrounds and some of them registered for extensively distinct political ideologies,” he said.

    He stated that throughout his tenure as the President of India, he had the opportunity to deal with 2 PMs, Dr Manmohan Singh from July 2012 to May 2014 and Narendra Modi from May 2014 till his retirement in July 2017.

    ” The path to prime ministership for the two PMs I worked with was very different. Dr Singh was used the post by Sonia Gandhi … Modi, on the other hand, ended up being PM through popular option after leading the BJP to a historic victory in2014 He is a politician to the core and had actually been named the BJP’s prime ministerial prospect as the party entered into project mode. He was then Gujarat’s CM and had developed an image that appeared to click with the masses. He has earned and attained the prime ministership,” Mukherjee wrote.

    Remembering the time Sonia Gandhi declined the post of the PM after the UPA’s triumph in 2004 elections, Mukherjee stated, “She had actually been chosen as the prime ministerial candidate by the Congress Parliamentary Party and other constituents of the UPA, but she decreased the offer. The concern of her foreign origin was being heatedly disputed in the general public domain.”

    He stated that regardless of requests from Congress leaders, Sonia Gandhi declined to end up being the PM and was later asked to announce a celebration leader’s name as the next PM. “Sonia Gandhi named Dr Singh and others accepted her choice. He was basically a financial expert, though he had actually spent time in government as a minister and in politics as a Rajya Sabha member. However he had determination and a strong sense of propriety. He had a steely determination, which he showed during the civil nuclear deal that India settled with the US, despite opposition from different quarters, consisting of certain celebrations that supported the government from outdoors. He did well as a PM,” the previous Union minister stated.


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