Mike Pompeo praises Jaishankar for ‘stronger’ US-India ties


    Mike Pompeo praises Jaishankar for ‘more powerful’ US-India ties

    Pompeo posted a photo of him with Jaishankar in addition to a caption

    Mike Pompeo and S Jaishankar

    Upgraded: Jan 6, 2021, 05: 31 PM IST

    The outbound United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised his Indian equivalent S Jaishankar, calling him a fantastic diplomat and a leader, adding that the “US-India relationship was made all the stronger” because of his efforts.

    ” The US-India relationship was made all the stronger with a great diplomat and leader as my good friend,” Pompeo tweeted.

    Pompeo published a photo of him with Jaishankar, together with the caption.

    The Donald Trump presidency will officially end at noon on January 20, 2021, with all the proceedings resulting in the shift to the Biden administration total by that day.

    Pompeo had last went to India on October 26 last year. He came for the 2 2 Ministerial Discussion in Delhi. The conference concentrated on regional security cooperation, defence information-sharing, global cooperation, financial cooperation, and interacting in the Indo-Pacific.

    He also had a two-hour-long bilateral fulfill with External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar, crucial areas of focus were Indo Pacific, the scenario in Afghanistan, and Tokyo conversations.

    Sources informed WION, both sides, “exchanged views on current international situation and its modern obstacles and discussed our shared issues and interests including stability and security in Asia, and how best that can be made sure”

    Other focus locations of discussion were maritime security, open connection, and resilient supply chains. Throughout the fulfill, US Secretary of State shown EAM the Trump Administration’s thinking on Afghanistan.

    During the fulfill, EAM called for “helpful policies” that helps in talent circulation and highlighted that an “innovation partnership is central to our future”. Washington has actually been tightening visa rules, something that has been concerning lots of Indians who have actually been going to the United States for jobs, education.

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