MEA Gives Consent To EC’s Proposal of Extending Postal Ballot System to NRIs


    MEA Provides Approval To EC’s Proposition of Extending Postal Tally System to NRIs

    In a quote to enable the Indian diaspora to cast their votes through a postal ballot system, the Ministry of External Affairs has written to the Election Commission offering its grant their recent proposal to permit resident Indians (NRIs) to vote remotely through electronically-transmitted postal tally system (ETPBS) in their nation of home.

    However, MEA suggested that the poll body hold consultations with all stakeholders prior to presenting this center.

    Based on a report by The Times Of India, EC, in a letter addressed to the law secretary on November 27, had actually proposed that required changes be made in the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 to enable the NRIs to vote through postal tally.

    It had even more added that it is administratively prepared to extend this center in general elections to legal assemblies of Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry” due in April-May.

    The Election Commission in its letter also stated that it had been receiving several representations from the Indian diaspora to help with postal tally as they were unable to be present at their ballot area owing to aspects like employment, education and travel expenditure. The safety procedures presented after the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic even more strengthened their position.

    According to a report by The Times of India, the EC proposal allows an NRI to release a postal ballot digitally after he intimates his desire to vote through form 12 to the returning officer, which should be received a minimum of 5 days after alert of election. The properly filled postal ballot and confirmed by its officer should be returned by post to the returning officer of the NRI’s constituency in India such that it is gotten most current by 8 am on the counting day.

    The ETPBS facility is currently reached service voters that consist of members of the Armed forces and para-military forces along with government workers serving abroad.


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