Maharashtra: Territorial clash between 2 big cats leaves 1 tigress dead, misacarriage of its 4 foetuses


    Maharashtra: Territorial clash between 2 huge felines leaves 1 tigress dead, misacarriage of its 4 foetuses

    Written by Vivek Deshpande
    | Nagpur |

    November 23, 2020 12: 16: 32 am

    Maharashtra tigress dead, Maharashtra Wildlife Sanctuary, Nagpur news, Maharashtra news, Indian express news This is second tiger death in territorial clash in UPKWS in the past three months. A sub-adult male was killed in August.

    A TERRITORIAL clash between 2 huge cats left among them dead and the miscarriage of its 4 fetus, in Umred Paoni Karhandla (UPKWS) Wildlife Sanctuary, 50 km from here.

    The carcass of the tigress was discovered in the Tas beat of the sanctuary on Sunday together with its 4 foetuses lying nearby. The fetus were at least 7-8 weeks old.

    ” The tigress, aged 3-4 years, apparently died in a territorial clash with another tiger, potentially a male. A lot of indications of the violent clash, like blood trail, disturbed forest flooring plants, drag marks and leak marks on its neck, are indicative of the clash with another tiger,” stated Pench Tiger Reserve Field Director Ravikiran Govekar.

    ” Part of its body was also found eaten, which highly shows territorial clash possibility as cannibalism amongst tigers is a recognized fact,” he included.

    This is second tiger death in territorial clash in UPKWS in the previous 3 months. A sub-adult male was killed in August.

    This is also 3rd tiger death in the region in the previous eight days.

    Previously, on November 16, a tiger was found eliminated with its body parts strewn over 3 farms in a village in Gondia district. Prior to that, parts of a tiger electrocuted by some villagers were recuperated from Brahmapuri division.

    This is the very first recognized time that the fouteses of a tigress got terminated in a territorial clash.

    The tigress was first found in UPKWS in March this year, suggesting that it had actually recently moved to the sanctuary and must have been struggling for area. It likewise reveals that it developed from mating with a male after concerning the sanctuary.

    ” This part of the forest is the area of a male called T22 If the tigress had mated with it, it is unlikely to have actually eliminated her. There are three males in the sanctuary who frequently wander off into each other’s territories. So, it is likely that the tigress was eliminated by some other male,” said Roheet Karoo, honorary wildlife warden of Nagpur who is familiarized with the sanctuary.

    The 189- sq km UPKWS has at least 10 tigers, consisting of some sub-adult ones.

    Asked if the two tiger deaths in territorial clash recommends scarceness of area for the tigers, Govekar stated, “Actually, the sanctuary is not one incorporated whole of forest. There are some breaches. Also, tigers here keep moving in and out. Often they move towards Brahmapuri in Chandrapur district using a passage. So, there might not be any set areas of some of the tigers.”

    Karoo said, “The sanctuary that came into presence 8 years back after the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve spillover population began coming here has only one excellent passage, which takes it back to where it came from. The other 2 corridors, to Pench Tiger Reserve and Bor Sanctuary, have huge gaps. So, tigers here frequently tend to cross each others’ territories, offering increase to possibility of clash.”

    He said, “A large area of 160 sq km is uninhabited adjacent to the west of the sanctuary due to rehab of over 60 towns impacted by Gosikhurd irrigation job. Wildlife is slowly relocating there … there is ample grass and water from Gosikhurd backwaters is offered. Development of this area into a tiger environment with defense being extended could solve a great deal of territorial concerns for the big felines here.”

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