Madhya Pradesh Woman, 45, Raped And Tortured. Girl, 13, Raped And Killed


    Madhya Pradesh Woman, 45, Raped And Tortured. Girl, 13, Raped And Killed

    Madhya Pradesh Woman, 45, Raped And Tortured. Girl, 13, Raped And Killed

    A Sidhi Police team is currently investigating the supposed gang rape of the 45- year-old woman


    A lady was presumably gang raped by 3 guys in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district late Saturday night, who also tortured her with an iron rod in a criminal activity bearing disturbing resemblance to that which occurred in Delhi in 2012.

    At the other end of the state, less than 36 hours later, a woman was apparently raped by a 45- year-old man in Khandwa district, who then strangled her to hide the criminal offense.

    The first rape took location 800 km from Bhopal and in the jurisdiction of the Amilia Authorities Station.

    A 45- year-old lady, who ekes out a living by running a tea shop, states she was sleeping inside her hut when the accused (from a village 3 km away) knocked on her door and requested for water.

    When she said there was none, they allegedly barged inside the hut, where she lives alone after her hubby died 4 years earlier, and raped her. After this, she declares they tortured her with an iron rod.

    She was hurried to the district healthcare facility and then to the Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Healthcare Facility in Rewa.


    ” Physicians at the medical facility stated she is out of threat however could take more than week to recover. Four guys have been apprehended in the matter and are being interrogated by a group led by Sidhi Superintendent Pankaj Kumawat,” Umesh Joha, the Inspector-General of Rewa Zone, stated.

    The second rape – that of a 13- year-old schoolgirl, happened in Khandwa district’s Jamania town on Monday morning. A trainee of Class IX, she had gone to purchase biscuits from a supermarket.

    The owner presumably pulled her inside his home, and raped and strangled her to cover the crime.

    Khandwa Cops sources say the grocery trader was loading the woman’s body into a bag on the roofing system of his home – with assistance from his other half – when a neighbour raised the alarm. The girl’s moms and dads hurried over to discover their daughter dead.

    The grocery trader and his spouse handled to flee already, and remain on the run.

    ( the heading, this story has actually not been released by Essential India News staff and is released from a syndicated feed.).


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