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Long wait for refund for leaflets


2020-06-2118: 13: 00

Hundreds knocking at the doors of travel agents, airline companies

$500 million in refunds

Like Akhil and Santosh, hundreds are knocking at the doors of travel representatives and airlines for the refund of tickets booked to the U.S., Europe, Australia, and in the domestic sector prior to the lockdown started in March25

Centre’s instruction

Following protests from flyers, the Ministry of Civil Air travel had actually asked airline companies to reimburse fares to those who scheduled tickets during the preliminary lockdown period and for travel within the period when flights stayed suspended.

IndiGo’s refund plans

K.V. Muralidharan, president, Kerala Association of Travel Agents, said the DGCA regulation for refunds was to help foreign carriers as they were the primary defaulters.



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