Logitech’s new gaming headsets are accredited for Oculus Quest 2


Logitech is launching two brand-new gaming audio products that are built for the just-announced Oculus Quest 2 Among them is called the G333, and they’re Logitech G’s first in-ear earphones imagined above. The other announcement is Logitech’s G Pro wired video gaming headset, which is an existing product that will now deliver with two 3.5 mm cables, one that’s long and another that’s little, matched for when you’re utilizing VR. Logitech states it worked with Oculus to make sure that both will deliver a fantastic experience for virtual reality.

Logitech G333 VR earbuds


The G333 earbuds house double dynamic motorists that were made to deliver enough detail in the bass, mids, and highs to “accurately recreate the VR environment.” They will cost $4999 and ship with three different sizes of silicone suggestions. The G333 connect via a 3.5 mm port, and let you tailor the cable length by means of consisted of velcro straps so you do not have too much cable slack getting in the way while you’re immersed. They will launch in October, and you can pre-order them at Logitech’s website today (T he Oculus store page still states “alert me.”)

Logitech G Pro

The G Pro linked to the Mission 2, with the much shorter of its two 3.5 mm cable televisions

When It Comes To the $99 G Pro headset, which can be preordered now through Oculus, Logitech says this model includes the “exact same core audio technology” of the initial Pro, however it comes with a custom-length cable that makes it simple to connect with the Oculus Mission 2 without an unwieldy cable television getting in the way. You can read more about them at Logitech’s site here



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