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    Lockdown aided more drug seizures on India-Bangladesh border


    Lockdown assisted more drug seizures on India-Bangladesh border

    Quantity of marijuana and yaba tablets seized by BSF in 2020 was practically thrice the quantity in2019

    Amount of cannabis and yaba tablets taken by BSF in 2020 was nearly thrice the quantity in2019

    The COVID-19 lockdown obviously did not make much of a difference for livestock smugglers and drug traffickers along the India-Bangladesh border. But it helped the BSF Guwahati Frontier capture more of them and the contraband products they were shuttling in 2020 than in2019 The frontier guards 509 km of the border– 91.726 km of it through rivers and water bodies– straddling Cooch Behar district of West Bengal and Dhubri and South Salmara districts of Assam.

    From January 1 to December 31, the personnel of 11 battalions under the Guwahati Frontier seized cattle heads, phensedyl, yaba tablets, ganja or marijuana, opium and other contraband products worth2070 crore.

    Phensedyl is a codeine-laced cough syrup that is addictive while each yaba pill is a potent mix of stimulants including methamphetamine and caffeine.

    Livestock brought from northern India are generally smuggled out to Bangladesh from the Cooch Behar and Dhubri sectors. BSF officials stated the variety of livestock seized in these sectors was fewer in 2020 than the 22,324 in 2019.

    ” We caught 263 Indian and 35 Bangladeshi nationals for numerous criminal activities along the border in 2020 compared to 219 and 27 respectively in2019 This assisted us take more prohibited cough syrups and drugs,” a BSF representative said on Tuesday.

    The border guards seized 29,688 bottles of phensedyl in 2020, nearly twice that in2019 The seizure in the cases of cannabis (3,256588 kg) and yaba tablets (68,684) last year was almost thrice the amount in2019

    ” Apart from inspecting such criminal offenses, we formed 2 anti-human trafficking systems under the frontier. We have been fixing numerous border concerns with the cooperation from the Border Guards Bangladesh,” the spokesperson stated, adding that the BSF had increase alertness with digital sensing units, drones, night-vision electronic cameras and other devices in anticipation of criminal offenses because of relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions across the country.

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