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    Lifestyle change, lack of documents plague erstwhile enclave dwellers five years after LBA


    Way of life modification, absence of documents afflict erstwhile enclave occupants five years after LBA

    There is a need to assist them to calm down to a new lifestyle, states NHRC unique rapporteur.


    There is a requirement to assist them to settle down to a brand-new lifestyle, says NHRC special rapporteur.

    A report by the unique rapporteur of the National Person Rights Commission (NHRC) on the erstwhile enclave residents had referred to a “guaranteed modification in the lifestyle” of the households who chose to leave their towns situated deep in Bangladeshi area but retain their Indian nationality. In his report, B.B. Mishra of the NHRC East Zone in November 2019, had actually suggested work for them most likely in the neighboring tea gardens.

    ” The 200 families who chose to leave their towns but retain Indian citizenship are being fixed up in pucca house houses. Earlier they utilized to keep cows, goats and duck, catch fish and grow veggies in the yard for which there is no provision now. There has to be certain modification in lifestyle. There is a requirement to help them to settle down to a brand-new lifestyle,” the report says.

    On Wednesday, thousands of erstwhile enclave dwellers held protests for hours outside the workplace of the district Magistrate Cooch Behar under the banner Amra Chitmahalbasi (We the locals of enclaves). Kirity Roy, popular social activist and secretary of Masum, stated the report plainly stresses on the importance of land deeds and alternative opportunities to which the administration has actually not provided much though in the previous five years

    ” Even after 5 and half years of the application of the Land Border Contract in 2015, many of our important needs remain unfinished including our right to citizenship, land ownership and chances for work,” Nur Nabi, president of the Amra Chitmahalbasi, stated.

    The agents of the Cooch Behar district administration ensured the protesters that their needs for land deeds and consisting of the erstwhile enclave occupants in State-run well-being plans will be executed within the next couple of months.

    More than five and half years ago– on July 31, 2015– the historical Land Limit Arrangement (LBA) in between India and Bangladesh led the way for the resolution of the 7 years long issue of enclaves. About 14,854 locals residing in 51 Bangladesh enclaves deep in the area of India became Indian nationals and another 922 individuals (nearly 200 families) came from Indian enclaves in Bangladesh to the Coochbehar district.

    LBA in dispute with CAA

    Mr. Roy also mentioned that the Land Border Contract executed in 2015 is in conflict with the Citizenship Modification Act passed in 2019 and hence the residents of enclaves require assurance of citizenship. Mr. Roy argued that the CAA provides citizenship for Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Parsi and Christian immigrants who have migrated from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to India approximately December 31, 2014, on account of the persecution dealt with by them due to their religion, whereas the LBA supplies citizenship to everyone residing in the 51 Bangladeshi enclaves regardless of their religion.

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