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Kerala govt. scrambles to contain fallout of child’s death due to supposed treatment denial

.K.K. Shylaja. File

K.K. Shylaja. File.


The three-year-old child who had actually swallowed a coin developed problems on Saturday night

The Kerala federal government on Sunday appeared to scramble to control the prospective political fallout of the death of a three-year-old kid who was apparently denied treatment in a minimum of 3 federal government hospitals in Ernakulam and Alappuzha districts.

Health Minister K.K. Shylaja bought a questions into the death of the child who died on Saturday after an indeterminate variety of days after he mistakenly swallowed a coin.

Ms. Shylaja called the kid’s death as regrettable and a disaster that need to have never occurred. She said she had sought a report from the Secretary, Health Department.

The child came from an impoverished family of day-to-day wage earners who worked as domestic aid and manual labourers.

The minor’s grandma told television reporters in Kochi that the child had actually revealed that he swallowed a coin just on Saturday. She and her child took the kid to the district health center, Aluva. The doctors took an x-ray. The coin showed up in the child’s intestinal tract. The medical professionals allegedly recommended the parents to take the kid home and stated the bowel movement would expel the coin naturally.

Unsettled, the grandparent took the child to the General Health Center, Ernakulam, and later on to the Medical College Hospital, Alappuzha. The doctors there apparently told the grandparent to provide the kid water and plantains to provoke a defecation and to return after 3 days for surgery, if requirement be.

However, the kid developed complications on Saturday evening and passed away sometime later on at the District Hospital, Aluva.

Public outrage

The circumstance of the kid’s mother and grandparent broadcast on news tv appeared to have actually resonated highly among parents and households. Their predicament dominated Sunday’s news coverage and provoked widespread public outrage on social networks.

A selection of Congress leaders, consisting of Shanimol Usman, MLA, slammed the federal government for the kid’s fate. She told press reporters in Alappuzha that government medical professionals hesitated to deal with patients from containment zones and persons with non- COVID-19 conditions hardly ever received any attention in State-run hospitals.

A number of key departments, consisting of paediatric surgical treatment, had ceased to work in federal government medical facilities, she declared.

Leader of the Opposition Ramesh Chennithala stated the child had actually died due to the fact that the public health care system had actually stopped working the household. The household could not manage to treat their ward in an expensive personal hospital where medical professionals would have conserved his life. Like the majority of people, they had no option but to count on government health centers. He demanded the federal government compensate the kid’s family and bring the physicians accountable for the death to book.



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