Home India Karnataka govt. promulgates Ordinance banning cow slaughter

    Karnataka govt. promulgates Ordinance banning cow slaughter


    Karnataka govt. promulgates Ordinance prohibiting cow slaughter

    State government on Tuesday promulgated the Karnataka Prevention of Massacre and Preservation of Livestock Ordinance, 2020, to prohibit slaughter of cows. It also bans slaughter of bulls and bullocks of all ages and she or he buffaloes aged listed below 13.

    The Karnataka Avoidance of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Expense, 2020, was passed in the Legislative Assembly during the winter session of the legislature, but was not cleared in the Legislative Council. Therefore, the federal government issued a gazette notification promoting the Regulation.

    The brand-new law makes provisions for more stringent implementation of guidelines regarding transportation of livestock, seizure of cars and imposition of charge, and operation of slaughterhouses. Under brand-new the law, no individual can transport any cattle from any location within the State or outside the State for slaughter. Just after getting authorization from competent authority, can cattle be enabled transportation for farming or animal husbandry purposes.

    As per the new law, for which Guv Vajubhai R. Vala has provided his assent, slaughter of cows would be a cognisable offence and would draw in 3 to 7 years of jail time and a fine ranging from50,000 to 5 lakh. Repeat offenders will have to pay a fine of approximately10 lakh and face a jail term of 7 years.

    The law imagines facility of ‘Gau Shala’ for the protection and conservation of livestock, registered with the Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries under the State or Main law.

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